WIG-261 - FBI gets a win and 5 dead at Annapolis newspaper

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Kayla Bodron - metro Atlanta law enforcement officer, USPSA and GSSF competitor


Dave Bray USA - Navy Veteran and Patriotic Rocker whose new album "Music On A Mission" debuted at #6 on the iTunes charts and is available now at DaveBrayUSA.com, Amazon, and iTunes.


Jacob Herman - Director of Sales and Marketing Night Fision, African Big Game hunter, lifelong shooter, amateur bushcrafter






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{Start Positive News…


FPC and FPF submit 923 page brief to oppose bump stock regulations


FBI prevents 4th of July terror attack in Ohio


Texas inmate executed for rapes and murders in 1979


//End Positive News}

Capital Gazette attacked, 5 dead


Idaho man stabs 9 people,. 6 children, at apartment complex


FBI is refusing appeals on NFA denials


Body cam footage shows Las Vegas officers waiting in hallways while people are being killed at the music festival below


California Supreme Court upholds microstamping law that is an eventual gun ban


Philippine mayor killed by sniper


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The left is fearing a right wing Supreme Court and trying to tie Trump to newspaper murders


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Woman breaks into ex-boyfriend's home, armed. with a machete, and forces him to have sex with her.


Florida woman shoots her niece during an argument


Third grade teacher tried to hypnotize female. students and force them to call him master


NC woman turns herself in for killing a man she met on Farmers Only


Canadian credit card thieves fail trying to evade RCMP


NC woman kills her ex husband while he mowed the lawn


California man shoots at jail after finding out his friend won't be released



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OverFlow - Extra Stories (SKIP THESE)


Seattle pushes forward on mandatory gun lock and stolen gun reporting laws


California gun owners might become felons because the assault weapon registration site kept crashing


Rap battles are turning deadly, Drake tourmate killed