WIG-257 - Should The Hogg Have Been Swatted And Thoughts On Crime And Punishment

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Othias McCarthy - Historical firearms researcher and host of C&Rsenal's Primer: small arms of WWI series


Kayla Bodron -  metro Atlanta law enforcement officer, USPSA and GSSF competitor


Mark  from Fit N Fire- Army Veteran and now YouTuber looking to combine guns, gear, personal defense and fitness to promote a free and active lifestyle






Top Stories


{Start Positive News…


Turning gun buy backs around, group uses money earned from selling useless guns to send kids to NRA gun camp


Tim Allen not backing down on guns in his show, deal with it


David Hogg got Swatted


Valve Software removes Active Shooter game developer from their Steam platform


Former ant-gun writer is now pro-gun, realizes he was spewing propaganda


//End Positive News}


California raises gun buying age to 21 and approves one gun per month


10th grade student commits suicide in empty classroom at McKinney, TX high school


FBI agent negligently shoots man after his gun fell out of his holster while dancing


Parolee that beat a cop into unconsciousness sentenced to time served


Murder of Tennessee deputy spurs manhunt for suspect


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Parkland parents form a Super PAC to combat the NRA


Michigan man sues after he was fired for posting a picture of him as Santa holding a gun


Anti-gun group compares firearms industry to Joe Camel


Virtue signaling or marketing genius? Knifemaker turns AR-15 barrel into a knife


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Full Auto News Segment

(Stories the “real” media won’t talk about… and other crazy stuff):


**Each host picks a story to call their own**






UK driver probably wished he had a gun when a knife wielding lunatic tried to smash his window


Woman shoots and kills husband for beating the family cat


Google this: Florida woman shot her husband in the back of the head because she didn't like his tone of voice when he asked her to search for something


Florida woman shoots boyfriend with gun she found while house sitting


Man beaten and shot after making noise complaint at San Antonio motel


"I mean, we’re in Memphis, you’re going to need a gun." Man kills 2 burglars in his home


Man is shot twice and still manages to chase his attackers


Woman goes on trial for killing her nephew to hide their affair



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OverFlow - Extra Stories (SKIP THESE)


Gun toting granny takes on neighborhood drug dealers


Gemtech lawsuit against S&W dismissed


Supreme Court backs baker's religious rights, how could this affect the gun community?


Man gets shot in groin as gun discharges in holster when he bent down


Crimson Trace is recalling some of its laser products


Another death by an unloaded gun


Army orders change of M4 selector levers following accidental discharges when selecting third position


Man with a knife kills 2 belgian officers with their own weapons, kills a bystander also


California farmer charged with 12 felonies when he tried to register his guns in accordance with new California laws


Uber driver shoots passenger to death in Denver


F@#* the NRA candidate is dropping out of the race


Ignorant Virginia Police Chiefs oppose reciprocity bill that will have no effect in their state