WIG-256 - Hero Teacher Takes Down School Shooter

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Top Stories

{Start Positive News…

3 wounded in Oklahoma restaurant shooting. Shooter is killed by 2 good samaritans

Restaurant shooter was shot and killed by 2 concealed carriers that had to retrieve their guns from their cars

Las Vegas teacher arrested for planning #metoo murder spree

Ft Lauderdale airport killer pleads guilty to avoid the death penalty

Texas AG wants to adopt Israeli model of school security following mass killings

//End Positive News}

15 year old student injured in Indiana school shooting, 16 year old suspect in custody

The makings of a killer; the 3 reasons people kill

Video game set to go on sale June 6th lets you play a school shooter

Mexico only has one gun store and yet gun violence is soaring


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2 families of Parkland victims sue gun manufacturer and seller of the gun used in the crime

New Jersey follows New York's special kind of stupid, says archery leads to gun violence (video)

Naked man who lunged at police officer after being tased needed help, not death

Publix markets caves to pressure from Parkland students, withdraws support for NRA aligned candidate


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Tenn Rep says porn is to blame for school shootings

NY Daily News writer accuses Texas DPS officer of raping woman arrested for DUI, bodycam footage released shows no evidence of allegations

Texas officer arrested in the fatal shooting of a deputy, who is also his brother

Guns on the streets is real in Washington, driver finds a gun stuck in his bumper

Missouri student banned from graduation after he put school up for sale on Craigslist

Woman slips note to vet asking for help to escape her gun toting boyfriend

Man shopping in HomeGoods shoots his own goods


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OverFlow - Extra Stories (SKIP THESE)

M&P hater at S&W armorer course is forced to eat crow

Glock gets a round slide from Lone Wolf

Teenager that killed Baltimore County officer was under house arrest at the time of the killing

ATF measures guns with braces folded and declares them illegal AOW's

NY Gov Cuomo vows to raise gun buying age to 21

Saratoga Springs just held its last gun show on public property