WIG-255 - What's Happening in Texas

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Mike “Doc” Rohan - class clown and instructor at Dark Angel Medical


Matt Walker- Godfather of the WLS Texas Mafia and owner of TX Arms






Top Stories


{Start Positive News…


Trump administration seeks to relax ITAR regulations


Kent State graduate's post with an AR-10 on campus goes viral


//End Positive News}


10 dead, 13 injured at Houston area high school


Mas Ayoob has negligent discharge.

Rob Pincus has something to say


Boulder, Co passes Assault Weapon ban, non profit group plans to sue council members that passed the measure


Illinois shooter that was stopped by SRO got his weapon from his mother who is a felon


5 officers ambushed at Trump golf club


Man ignites 3 Molotov cocktails inside of Texas mall


Royal wedding security contradicts the gun free posture of the UK


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Quickbooks abandons Gunsite and charges back tens of thousands of dollars in sales


Virtue signaling by a woman of questionable virtue, porn star Mia Khalifa surrenders a Remington 870 to Austin police


Esquire article posits that the time has come to take away all guns


Kyle Kashuv trolls students that threaten to boycott graduation if he's the valedictorian


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Full Auto News Segment

(Stories the “real” media won’t talk about… and other crazy stuff):


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Ammo box falls from chopper and damages El Paso school


Cougar kills cyclist and injures another in Seattle


Arizona woman shoots her boyfriend and then jumps through window to chase him as he tries to escape


Woman kills her husband in his sleep because he had taken another wife


15 year old Vancouver teen shoots her 56 year old sugar daddy when he wouldn't give her more money


California has been keeping a DNA database of newborn babies since 1983



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OverFlow - Extra Stories (SKIP THESE)


Remington restructuring allows it to emerge from bankruptcy


Crowdfunding site for gun projects


Night Fision launches Accur8 night sights inspired by Student of the Gun


Grey Ghost Precision announces upgrades to its AR line of rifles


Largest indoor range in Kansas faces foreclosure


Ct officer stabbed repeatedly in the neck by woman involved in landlord tenant dispute


Supreme Court turns down another gun case


Students and staff ordered to shelter in place after .380 magazine is found in campus dugout