WIG-253 - DNA Dangers and Kimber Ultra Carry

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Top Stories


{Start Positive News…


Visual breakdown of the $53 billion gun industry for each state


Police stop planned attack of Texas mall


Students stage Pro 2A walkouts across the nation


Father of Parkland victim files wrongful death suit against SRO, shooter, and others


Dick's Sporting Goods hires 3 anti gun lobbyists


Former police officer arrested as the “Golden State Killer” after a DNA match linked him to the crime


NRA sues California over its ammo restrictions


//End Positive News}


Pete Brownell steps down from NRA post, NRA names Oliver North his successor


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Pope says gun owners can't be Christians


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Full Auto News Segment

(Stories the “real” media won’t talk about… and other crazy stuff):


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Florida man tried to barbecue sex offenders at a motel


Woman cut off her boyfriend's penis with garden shears because he leaked their sex tape


Florida man accidentally shoots wife, twice


Ex stripper receives a $223k inheritance from HBO executive she knew for 6 months


Molon Labia: Woman pleads guilty to carrying a Kimber in her cooter


UK woman shoots home invader with her crossbow


Florida woman arrested for calling 911 because she needed beer


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OverFlow - Extra Stories (SKIP THESE)


Texas man defends himself from robbers that set up a false iPhone sale online


Sig Sauer debuts Ballistic Data Xchange scope and rangefinder system


Indiana gun buyback benefits private buyers over police


Video shows officer shooting armed suspect through the windshield of his cruiser


Overwhelming vote of no confidence for Sheriff Israel, Deputies Association will ask Gov. Scott to remove him


Lifecard .22 lr pistol to be on display at NRAAM


Constitutional Carry bill passes Oklahoma house


Hornady awarded FBI defensive ammunition contract


FBI training ammo contract goes to Federal


NJ Congressman wants legislation for rental vans to prevent mass killings


Riton Optics puts their money where their mouth is to support the 2nd-amendment


Federal bill pushes for licenses to buy handguns


Vista Outdoor looking to divest Savage and Stevens


NY says NRA Carry Guard is unlawful insurance


Chinese college student arrested for buying a rifle and going to the range


Anti gunners trying to control gun companies through shareholder voting


Don't be the second call to 911, woman might give birth behind bars because her attacker made the first call


George Zimmerman charged with stalking


CT man blows up house as SWAT team attempts entry


Pro 2A students are being bullied by their anti gun classmates


California DA candidate will not seek death penalty for cop killers, says it's a risk they take


Nogales police officer shot by carjacker, public rushes to film the dying officer


Mob of teens attack police officers at California carnival


NY State extorts banks and insurance companies not to do business with gun companies


Video shows when cops negligently killed the sound man on the TV show Cops


New coalition of 'celebrities' formed to take on the NRA


Deputy murdered because judges saw fit to lower killers bail twice


Man negligently shoots 3 girls trying to teach them gun safety


Left using Pence's gun restricted appearance at NRA as political fodder


Banks and credit card companies are seeking new ways to monitor firearm purchases


Anti gun actresses armed guard intimidates NRA member at anti gun rally


Dems say all 2020 candidates will campaign without armed security to protest guns


Police chiefs send letter to congress objecting to reciprocity bill. Is your chief on the list?


Bank of America caves, says they will fund Remington


Baltimore mayor punishing corner stores for murders in the city


Illinois house OKs plan to replace armed school guards with unarmed mental health workers


Parkland teacher draws criticism after he compares Kyle Kashuv to Hitler for being a 2A supporter


Bloomberg group in Washington takes to the polls after failing in the legislature