WIG-248 - $500 Tax Stamps

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Top Stories


{Start Positive News…


Murder capital of the world considers gun rights for its citizens


Meet the Pro-Gun Parkland student


US SOCOM adopts 6.5 Creedmor


Actors read gun facts for the first time, see their reactions


//End Positive News}


Oregon seeks to eliminate "assault weapons"


House bill would raise Tax Stamp to $500


Wasserman Schultz introduces ammunition background check bill


Citibank places restrictions on firearm transactions


Trump and DOJ going after bump stocks without Congressional action


PA school arms students with rocks to defend against a school shooter


Colorado constitutional carry bill dies in committee


Reddit bans several gun related subreddits


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NC candidate for sheriff is prepared to kill gun owners that won't surrender their guns


MSNBC anchor: MD shooter would have used an AR-15 if the NRA had its way


California bill would ban firearm raffles as fundraisers


Parkland activist shows his disdain for adults


Parkland activist offended that safety rule changes will affect students


Parkland activist admits to, and shows no remorse for, bullying the school shooter


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Full Auto News Segment

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Candidate for Senate wants to arm the homeless with shotguns to reduce crime


3D printed sights pay homage to Harambe


22 squibs found in one barrel


Bluntforce MK2 Stiletto pistol bayonet



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OverFlow - Extra Stories (SKIP THESE)


The other side of teen shooters, responsible 2A teens


Some teens marched for gun rights instead of restrictions


Video of Las Vegas shooter finally released


.300 BO takes on the .308, welcome the 416 Spike


Stern Defense releases a drop in Glock mag adapter for the AR-15


Unarmed Sacramento man killed by police, family wants justice


Spending bill has Fix Nics and gun confiscation included


CDC gets budget to research gun violence amid skepticism


2 California cops indicted for selling off roster guns


Anti-Gun marchers protected by armed good guys


Weekend anti-gun marches included voter registration drive