WIG-247 - ATF Adds Staff, School Shooting Is Ignored, and School Policy Overreach

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Top Stories


{Start Positive News…


ATF NFA branch gets budget for 25 more agents


Federal judge refuses to dismiss case against Maura Healey for assault weapons interpretation


FL House Speaker called out by NRA for 2A betrayal


SAF announces hotline for students bullied because they support the 2nd-amendment


Murrieta, Ca students held a Walk Up, not a walk out


Libertv launches March 23rd, goes off air on???


//End Positive News}


Another school shooting, this time in MD


GOA: FIX NICS will kill reciprocity, take action today


Youtube gets tougher on gun related content


NJ students disciplined for posting pictures of them at the range, lawsuits threatened


Parkland activists believe they are being threatened by NRA members


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Dem suggests the 2nd amendment to keep Trump from overstepping his authority


Parkland student calls politicians “ the b*tch of the NRA”


Ohio student suspended for not walking out of school during anti gun protest


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Full Auto News Segment

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Denver City Council shocked when no bump stocks were turned in after ban


Incredible Hulk sworn in as Irving, Tx police officer


$6000 doomsday meal kit from Costco


NC student has a one student protest against guns


Indiana man took a taxi to and from bank robbery


Gunman shot dead in Princeton, NJ after a standoff inside Panera Bread


Keyboard cat has played his last tune



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OverFlow - Extra Stories (SKIP THESE)


Brownell's to start selling HK 416 & 417 parts


North American Arms steps up its gun game


NJ gun owners to rally in Trenton on March 26th


IL governor vetoes gun store licensing bill

MN officer charged in the shooting death of Australian woman in July


NY court decision paves the way to restore gun rights stolen by the govt


Son runs to his mother's aid and shoots carjacker


Austin bomber blows himself up when confronted by police


Officials wanted Florida killer committed in 2016


Broward County refused NRA education grants


Florida gun law is causing financial losses to 18-20 year olds


Mass gubernatorial candidate wants to ban assault weapon production in his state


School shooting video released, shows deputy outside building


ATF chief urges congress to ban bump stocks


Students protest S&W in Mass, want them to stop making military style rifles


Minnesota magazine ban and other restrictions


House passes school violence bill on the 1 month anniversary of Florida killings


Kroger's Fred Meyer stores ending gun and ammo sales

Student was attacked for defending NRA and suspended for defending himself


MN school principal escorts student off property, during anti gun walkout, for holding a sign that he didn't like


Ban Assault Weapons Now wants to amend Florida Constitution