WIG 246 - Marty Daniel trips over his tongue and NRA goes on the offensive

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Phil Rabalais- Veteran, 2nd Amendment advocate, professional rabble rouser, and host of the Matter of Facts Podcast.






Top Stories


{Start Positive News…


Visa refuses to cut ties with semi auto rifle manufacturers


NRA files suit against FL, new law violates 2nd-amendment


SAF sees 1200% surge in membership by 18-20 year olds after Florida massacre


ATF investigating congressional candidate that cut AR-15 into an sbr


Smith & Wesson stands up to asset manager, refuses to change for political reasons


SAF-ISRA sue over government housing gun ban


DOJ set to release Fast and Furious documents


//End Positive News}


Daniel Defense owner expresses support for gun control


17 year old student arrested for having a gun in his car on school campus


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VA social worker fired for having a CCW


Sen Schumer demands a ban on semi auto rifles


Seattle police begin gun confiscation without due process


RCMP tracks licensed gun owners, not sex offenders or violent criminals


Jim Cramer, if you're hunting with an AR-15,. You're hunting humans


Why is Florida sheriff refusing to release video of parkland shooting?


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Full Auto News Segment

(Stories the “real” media won’t talk about… and other crazy stuff):


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Florida man arrested for battery after tackling concealed carrier


Woman puts gun to officer's head and pulls trigger, officer alive thanks to a malfunction


Hackers target several websites including NRA


3 teens arrested after taking video shooting themselves


SRO has a desk pop at Alexandria middle school


Gang member goes after witness in court, shot dead by bailiff


Shannon Watts' media frenzy over the Ruger Precision Rimfire


Man disarms gunman in church, gets shot by police


San Francisco cops score 65 misses on murder suspect


Nevada woman arrested after threatening to kill everyone at a school with an axe


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OverFlow - Extra Stories (SKIP THESE)


Over 57,000 guns turned in during Australia amnesty period


2 teens arrested for shooting puppy with a bb gun, sociopath warning sign


2 teens arrested for shooting puppy with a bb gun, sociopath warning sign


Pot smoking police chief suspended


State rankings of gun ownership per capita


FPC condemns virtue signaling, age based gun and ammo bans could be illegal discrimination as age is a protected class


Coercive boycotts against businesses supporting NRA could be illegal


Central Michigan student kills mother and father with father's gun


California student stabbed, school goes on lock down


Dirty Politics: Democrats want to kill Fix NICS because it could pass


Opiate deaths exceed gun deaths


Gun control proponents suggest mental health evaluations to buy a gun


Senator Rubio plans to introduce gun violence restraining order bill


California cop in hot water for illegally reselling guns


Brisbane police want a rifle in every car to keep police from being outgunned


Attacking the NRA is an attack on Americans


Georgia passes bill to punish Delta for opposing NRA


Colorado senate passes constitutional carry bill


Open and concealed carry are protected by the second amendment


Double barreled AR-15 is in full production now


NRA calls out Hollywood and the media, says time is running out


McConnell chooses banking reform over gun control


LA Times, new assault weapons ban won't work


Georgia teacher arrested after barricading himself and firing a shot in school


Palmetto State Armory clarifies its position on 2A


Dick's employee publishes resignation letter


Could Trump be pulling a gun control bait and switch?


Op-Ed, there is a clear link between mental illness and mass shootings


Rep Massie proposes repeal of gun free school zones


Congressman wants to lower handgun buying age to 18


"Assault Weapons" preserve the intent of the 2nd Amendment


FL teen under investigation for violent threats goes on stabbing rampage during sleepover


ISIS inspired teen arrested after bringing bomb to school


CA teacher has ND in the classroom, one student injured


NYPD removes cops from schools, parents are livid


IL bill passes the house requiring 18-20 year olds to surrender semi auto rifles and high capacity magazines


Pomona, CA, officer killed attempting to save his partner


Officer killed because dispatch gave him the wrong address


DOJ formally moves to reclassify bump stocks as machine guns


WA police find bombs near public restrooms


Vet with PTSD kills self and 3 hostages in CA veterans facility


2 SWAT officers suspended for running in to help in Parkland massacre


Background check fail, Border Patrol agent was an illegal alien


School put on lockdown after 22 caliber round found in hallway


Florida lawmakers pass gun control bill


IL dem introduces 20% tax on guns and 50% tax on ammo


Parkland murderer used 10 round magazines


NJ ignores pro gun arguments,. passes 6 of 7 anti gun bills


REI puts Vista Outdoors orders on hold


Florida senate passes AR-15 ban for 15 minutes then repeals it


Minnesota proposes assault weapons ban