WIG-243 - Tragedy in a Florida High School and Sex Offender stopped by a spoon and a gun

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GA mother fends off home intrusion by sex offender with a spoon.. Then shoots him.


Appeals court strikes down unconstitutional California law, for some residents


Illinois ban on guns in or near parks ruled unconstitutional


23 year old motorcyclist shoots and kills her road rage attacker on WA freeway


Guns.com gets into the used gun market


US produced more guns than ever in 2016


//End Positive News}


MASF ends its  6 1/2 year run, continues to educate through civilian carry radio

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Another school shooting, this time in Florida


Two Ohio police officers killed, suspect in custody


Browning ends production of the model 1935, the Hi Power


Third grade student fires officers holstered weapon


Ammo seller charged in Las Vegas shooting asks for more time to give up his guns (Auto Play video)


Wrestler takes to twitter after finding a gun in the glove box of his rental car


Vista Outdoor to raise ammo prices again in April, will other manufacturers follow suit?


Armed smash and grab robbery in Los Angeles Costco


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Gabby Giffords wastes no time in exploiting the deaths in Florida


Rep. Moulton, President Trump needs to "Get off his @$$ and stop school shootings"


Dianne Feinstein jumps on board pushing for gun bans


Outback restaurant asks uniformed officer to leave because he had his duty gun on


Leftist that brought a rifle to a reported KKK rally gets his case dismissed


Dem lawmaker brandishes handgun on house floor to protest gun rights bill, gets escorted out by Sergeant at Arms


NYPD Inspector tweets support for Black Lives Matters, faces heaps of backlash over it


Los Angeles offers $1000 bounty for reporting owners of illegal guns


NY introduces new anti-gun bills including taxpayer money for anti-gun research


NYPD Commissioner "All bets are off" if reciprocity passes


Officer fired for not shooting armed black suspect receives settlement (Auto Play Video)


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How to get a news crew to stop filming you


Poacher mauled and eaten by lions he was hunting


Home invader breaks into federal agent's house, doesn't live to tell the story


Freed inmate attempts to carjack a correctional officer, he's recovering in the hospital (Auto Play Video)


84 year old California woman arrested for shooting at noisy children



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99,000 M1 Garands and 8,000 1911’s are in the hands of the CMP


Texas man breaks record with 3 mile shot


Remington seeks financing to fund bankruptcy


Sig reportedly knew about P320 drop safety issues months before it went public


Shooting at NSA front gate as vehicle attempts to enter