This Week In Guns 238 - DOD Nominee Bows Out - Christmas Attack Foiled

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Tyler Hughes - Marine Scout Sniper, founder of Max Ordinate Academy, PRS shooter

Kenny Ortega - Former police officer, rangemaster, gun store manager, and current producer of This Week in Guns

Aaron Krieger - Right hand to Shawn on almost nothing





Top Stories


{Start Positive News…


Trump nominee for DOD withdraws after gun control position is made public


Ruger introduces new Security 9 pistol


California law enforcement prevent Christmas attack at Pier 39, Modesto man arrested


Manticore releases new forend for the X95


//End Positive News}


ATF issues RFC, Request For Comments, as it seeks to reclassify machine guns to include bump fire stocks and other devices


Man named Wayne Lapierre killed in targeted home invasion


With a majority in both state houses, Washington hopes to push new gun laws and eliminate preemption


FBI official says Las Vegas shooting motive might take till next October to release


Pro Gun women are routinely the victims of violent sexual harassment


Steve Johnson retiring from The Firearm Blog after 10 years


Man snatches gun from open carrier in Fayetteville Walmart and runs off, panic ensues


Norinco makes a Glock clone


SC mayor boasts about implementation of $500 fine for bump stocks


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Gays Against Guns, GAG, marches in CT to protest Ruger in their state


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Full Auto News Segment

(Stories the “real” media won’t talk about… and other crazy stuff):


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Race team owner Richard Childress fires at burglars in his home


5 year old boy that was shot in the face last year shoots self in hand


2 teens shot inside of Indiana Buffalo Wild Wings


Woman's gun fires as she digs in her purse in Florida mall bathroom


Las Vegas woman accused of killing her 3 roommates after an argument


Six month pregnant teen fatally shot in her home, doctors able to save baby


Florida house robbery caught on video, homeowner shot for TV


Parents warn daughter about boyfriend's racist views, boyfriend kills parents


Philadelphia robber didn't expect to get shot at


91st gun found by TSA at. Orlando International Airport



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OverFlow - Extra Stories (SKIP THESE)


AG Sessions orders review of Bundy case after mistrial is declared due to prosecutorial misconduct


Shoot your shotgun clean (video)


Carefully crafted poll finds majority of Americans support gun control


Some interesting surprises in HR 38 and FIX NICS


Terror attack against Pennsylvania police