This Week In Guns-313 - 3 A Holes and an S Word

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Phil Rabalais- Veteran, 2nd Amendment advocate, professional rabble rouser, author of American Insurgent, and host of the Matter of Facts Podcast.

Zane mungillo:  co-Host of the Firearms Insider Gun & Gear Review podcast and owner/lead instructor at contextual defense and consulting




Top Stories

{Start Positive News… 

Texas gun store and range sells ammo by the pound to troll Walmart for not selling some ammo

Mom's Demand can't get enough action to block Oklahoma Constitutional Carry

California stopped a mass shooting without having to resort to Red Flag law

Mass shooting stopped in North Carolina 

Texas mandates stop the bleed stations for schools

Florida mistaken identity victim has his gun rights restored

Florida rejects Stand Your Ground, convicts parking space killer for manslaughter

FBI says tips for mass shootings have surged 70% since El Paso and Dayton

Texas man catches a Galil Ace while fishing in Lake Arlington 

//End Positive News}

ATF classifies AA-12 shotguns as machine guns  

VA woman faces charges after she shot herself trying to disarm to comply with the law

Houston man charged with possession of a machine gun for having a bump stock

Trump administration wants to use social credit score system for gun purchases 

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Walmart is banning open carry and will stop selling some ammunition 

And Kroger kills open carry

San Francisco deems NRA is a Domestic Terrorist organization 

Democratic presidential hopefuls unite in gun control ad

Magazine ban passes in the House

NJ becomes more Orwellian with regulations 

California abandons its police officers

Parkland students continue trying to affect public policy and voter turnout for 2020

As gun control looms, high capacity magazines are on the chopping block

Why Red Flag bills need to be red flagged

Nascar turns on gun owners, denies gun ads

Online profiling tool for possible gun suspects is met with resistance

Utah governor says it's time for gun control

Well Armed Woman disappears from Instagram for no reason

Colorado teen suspended over family event picture 

Police are outraged that man who answered door with a gun wasn't convicted of a felony

School District wants to shut down school because they allow armed teachers

10 shot at high school football game, media silent

California expands red flag law infringements

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Full Auto News Segment 

(Stories the “real” media won’t talk about… and other crazy stuff):

**Each host picks a story to call their own**




Texas man shoots his son and has a heart-to-heart talk before stabbing him to death

California man shoots business owner because he wasn't hiring

Woman shoots teen after large group was picking a fight with her daughter

Texas officer kills woman that tased him in the groin with his own taser

Karma! Robber has truck stolen while committing a robbery

Man accidentally shoots himself in the face with a spear gun

A10 NDs a rocket while training in Arizona

California man faces jail time for shooting a collared and protected mountain lion


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OverFlow - Extra Stories (SKIP THESE)

Dozens of arrests have been made since El Paso and Dayton attacks

Florida teen arrested for trying to have her parents killed

Florida man to the rescue, kills armed domestic violence suspect

NJ man shoots at home invaders after he took a gun from one of them

10 people arrested in connection with a home invasion robbery in Southern California

Houston No Knock raid case brings murder charges to the officers

7 dead, 21 injured in traffic stop turned deadly in Texas

California ammo law prevents far more legal purchases than prohibited ones

El Paso hero arrested by Secret Service at the White House 

Federal Court upholds Assault Weapons ban 

PA man convicted for making gun like hand gesture

26 killed in Mexico strip club arson attack

FAA warns users not to weaponize drones

Texas Governor begins to focus on private gun sales

LA Deputy lied about being victim of a sniper attack

7 shot outside party for 2 year old 

Man shoots and kills restaurant worker in France for making his sandwich too slowly

Alabama woman killed after shooting at her husband and he returned fire

California CCW trainer shoots student taking his class

Florida man shoots female squatter in his home after she allegedly got one of his guns

California man used stolen car and posed as a ride share driver to kidnap and rape a woman

Man fires at and. tries to rob kneeling worshippers, flees when gun jams

Woman randomly slashes the face of a 3 year old on the street and goes. after his brother while parents watch

Marine gets red flagged for saying he'd slaughter Antifa 

Philadelphia police take guns first, ask questions later

Beto promises forced gun buyback if he becomes president