This Week In Guns-312 - Micro Manhood Killers

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Top Stories

{Start Positive News… 

FBI arrests Dayton killer's accomplice

NY Times admits that it's too late for an Assault Weapons 

Bystanders in Utah are praised for stopping a felon from loading a gun inside of a store

Major NRA donor files lawsuit for fraudulent solicitation of funds

NRA wins first round in Los Angeles contractor shaming law case

WLP flexes his muscle on gun rights despite facing so much opposition

Colorado real estate agent survives violent attack because she was armed

Las Vegas man arrested because he wanted to shoot Jews and the LGBTQ community

18 year old Ohio man arrested for advocating mass shootings 

Trump is using ATF to outlaw pistol braces

Gun rights group sues to overturn California Assault Weapons ban

Trump tell WLP that Universal Background Checks won't be pursued

//End Positive News}

Ivanka Trump is quietly pushing for gun control behind the scenes

6 police officers injured in Philadelphia active shooter situation 

Fund raising football players held at gunpoint by homeowner

Walmart  CEO wants to see the Assault Weapons ban renewed

Assault Weapons ban gains momentum in the house

Governor Newsom puts cops in danger with the stroke of a pen

NY Republican Congressman signs proposed Assault Weapons ban

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Anti-gun protesters threaten to stab Mitch McConnell outside of his home

Gun control activist riles up the Twittershpere with his assessment of Assault Weapon definitions

Illinois appeals court rules police can deny Concealed Weapons permit for unfounded allegations

Chuck Schumer wants FBI background checks for body armor

Cuomo is scaring even hard core leftists with his latest proposal

California mayor proposes Obamacare for guns, buy insurance or pay a fine 

California bill would add a $25 handgun tax

Kamala Harris wants to red flag "White Nationalists" 

Philadelphia activists plan to rally for gunman that shot police officers 

City Councilor wants police to give up their guns to de-escalate violence

Sen Gillibrand wants an Assault Weapons buyback

Presidential hopeful O'Rourke visits Arkansas gun show to tout an Assault weapons ban

Report states that 30% of guns confiscated in California are home made

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Full Auto News Segment 

(Stories the “real” media won’t talk about… and other crazy stuff):

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Florida man has two NDs inside of Bass Pro

NC man threatens shoppers at Walmart with pellet gun

Bear falls on police car causing it to flip and catch fire

Killer tacos! Man dies during taco eating contest

Florida man arrested after he hit himself with nunchuks while threatening his neighbors 


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OverFlow - Extra Stories (SKIP THESE)

Charlotte man shoots 2 robbers at 7-11, killing 1

Interview with Sarah Albrecht, co-founder of Hold My Guns

California police chief blasts law that kept stabbing spree killer out of jail

Norwegian man arrested for terror attack on a Mosque and for killing his step-sister

Road rage, man with an AR-15 kills 2 on Houston freeway

Canadian teens suspected in 3 murders found dead of apparent suicide

US SOCOM will face an ethics review in light of recent allegations

California woman fights off attackers in most gun controlled city in the state