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Phil Rabalais- Veteran, 2nd Amendment advocate, professional rabble rouser, author of American Insurgent, and host of the Matter of Facts Podcast.

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Top Stories

{Start Positive News… 

Adam Kraut moves to the FPC

3 board members break ranks with the NRA

3 suspects arrested for the murder of off duty LAPD officer

Legally armed army soldier saved people from the El Paso massacre

Dirty J thumbs his nose at the ATF with a new Butt Plug

Grey Ghost Precision shows off new P320 slides at Triggercon

Texas grandmother stopped a potential mass shooting

NY expands investigation into NRA board

Alabama woman defeats armed burglar with hot grease

Visa promises to process gun sales as long as they are legal

Federal Court rules that mental health commitment is insufficient for gun bans

Relaxed gun laws will soon be going into effect in Texas

//End Positive News}

New evidence in Houston "No Knock Raid" case is damning for the police

Arlington PD officer kills woman while trying to shoot her dog

Sheriff's deputy responding to an alarm call shoots homeowner in his own home through a window

Gilroy shooter died from a self-inflicted wound

Active shooter at El Paso Walmart leaves 20 dead, many injured

9 dead, including killer's sister, in Ohio mass shooting

The recent shootings are inspiring copycats

Kitted up Missouri man arrested at local Walmart 

California man kills 4 in stabbing spree

Congress appears headed down the Red Flag path

McConnell is eyeing an Assault Weapons ban

The truth behind HR8

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Democrats make gun control a central topic during the debate

San Diego passes gun storage law for its residents

Cop hating community wants their cops back

Florida is calculating the costs of an assault weapons ban

The usual celebrity suspects come out in favor of gun bans

Kamala Harris expresses her willingness to send police to confiscate guns

The anti-gun side of Trump shows its face, he talks gun control in wake of shootings

Mexico threatens legal action after El Paso shooting killed at least 7 Mexican citizens

Texas Lt Governor tells Antifa to stay out of the state following the massacre

Neil Degrasse Tyson receives a lot of criticism over his tweet about the killings

Trump tells social media companies to catch killers before they strike

Senator Schumer wants congress to act quickly on gun control

Indiana mayor and presidential hopeful calls the 2nd Amendment a death sentence

NY Post calls for assault weapons ban

NM Democrats call for gun control in the wake of the El Paso killings

NY forces gun owners to lock up their guns if they have kids at home

Democrats blame both mass shootings on Trump

Bloomberg takes his rhetoric to school

Libs are looking at rifle caliber pistols in a new way now

Turncoat Crenshaw pushes gun control 

New poll claims 73% favor regulation of Assault Weapons 

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Canadian hiker plays Metallica to scare off cougar

Bank robber writes his note on paper that had his name and address

Woman claims the meth in her vagina is not hers This one is all Phil’s

Danny "Machete" Trejo rescues boy from overturned car


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