This Week In Guns-310 - Used Underwear...It's Complicated

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Top Stories

{Start Positive News… 

Sanctuary city police chief to run for Governor

Louisiana sheriff's office holds 2nd Amendment summer camp

Pro 2A activism causes Chipotle to tell Mom's Demand to get their action somewhere else

Coastie that jumped on drug submarine to get an award

Shower gun allowed man to detain burglar in his home

Man shoots his wife to prove his body armor works

Flamethrower drone available for sale 

Caught on video, NY woman is unhurt because gunman's weapon jammed twice

House bill could send masked Antifa protesters to jail for 15 years

Former Navy SeAL Dom Raso climbs flagpole to fix flag at SeAL monument

Firearm homicides have been in decline for 25 years

Philadelphia seeks to educate women on the dangers of straw purchases

-Boating accidents are real, man pulls Uzi out of the water with a magnet

//End Positive News}

Chicago man killed by his passenger during a botched drive by shooting

4 dead including gunman at California Garlic Festival 

Japanese man commits mass murder with a match, not a gun

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California police chief that left her gun in a public bathroom tried to cover up her carelessness

Florida judge ignores preemption laws and rules in favor of rogue cities

Federal District judge rules that the 2nd Amendment does not protect semi autos

PA school threatens to put kids in foster care if parents don't pay their lunch bills

Harris fails to see the irony in her push for gun control

New Zealand PM reminds her subjects that gun ownership is a privilege not a right

Massachusetts cops ask criminals to stop for the weekend because it's too hot

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Full Auto News Segment 

(Stories the “real” media won’t talk about… and other crazy stuff):

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5 guys arrested for fighting at 5 guys in Florida

Old tech foils Florida carjacker

CA man shoots his neighbor twice in the face with a BB gun

Baltimore police commissioner mugged at gunpoint

GA woman opens fire in McDonald's because her fries were cold

Dominatrix charges men $150 an hour to clean her house

Professional surfer skips the hospital and goes to the bar after being bitten by a shark

Woman in Tennessee hotel wakes up with a snake around her arm


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OverFlow - Extra Stories (SKIP THESE)

7-11 patron shoots 2 robbers, killing one

DNA identifies LAPD officer in multiple rapes

Ft Worth SWAT team kills suspect that used a child as a shield

NYPD officer sues Honor Guard for not being honorable

Former Cincinnati judge is dragged out of court after sentencing 

LAPD goes on tactical alert after local man goes on shooting spree

Parkland killer was searched every day as he entered school

Off duty LAPD officer gunned down in front of his girlfriend

L.A. shuts down traffic and calls in the bomb squad for a drone loaded with fireworks

Federal court dismisses case against cop that shot a 10 year old

1 in 10 patients are victims of medical mistakes

Gun running customs agent arrested with 41 machine guns in his home

-Bins are useless as knife crime soars in the UK

59 year old Long Beach woman may have been killed accidentally

Video shows woman shooting at 2 other women in PA Walmart

4 Florida teens staged a fight and escaped a juvenile detention facility

Maine releases murderer they said was too old for prison, he killed again after being released

Houston man kills himself at a BBQ with a gun he thought was unloaded