This Week In Guns-309 - The Coast Guard Goes Boogie Boarding

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Curtis from VSO Gun Channel - he breaks toys you want for a living

Needs no introduction , Tim from Military Arms Channel




Top Stories

{Start Positive News… 

Florida pastor holds burglary suspect at gunpoint until police arrive

Ohio Sheriff says his deputies won't administer Narcan, opioid addicts can die  

Florida homeowner with AR-15 kills 2 of 4 armed home intruders

2 Indiana men charged with building machine guns for ISIS

Amped up coast guard officer stops drug filled submarine as it moves through the water

Washington man killed when attacked an ICE deportation facility

//End Positive News}

California police chief loses gun she left in public bathroom

FBI offers $5,000 reward for rifle and other items stolen from agent's car in CA

Ohio security guard pulls a gun on a deputy that refused to disarm

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Curtis- What I want to know is if there was someone who could release internal documents showing where all the money went, in an unbiased manner, would people listen?

Wayne Lapierre must go, of that I think we all agree, but I would like an objective review to show what good, if any the NRA has done. Now is the time to have this discussion, because lets face it, we are going to need powerful gun rights organizations up to speed after the 2020 elections, regardless of which way they go 

NRA comes under more fire, D.C. Attorney General issues subpoena to the organization and its charitable foundation

Correlation is not Causation, tougher gun laws cited as reason for lower child deaths

Iowa senator threatens that she'll take guns if people aren't nice to her

Jim Beam plant that caught fire from lightning strike faces fines for killing fish when bourbon flowed into the river

Mesa AZ deputy acquitted of murder gets medical retirement for PTSD

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Full Auto News Segment 

(Stories the “real” media won’t talk about… and other crazy stuff):

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Ohio man calls 911 to complain about a lack of air conditioning in the back of a police car

MO woman fires shot inside of DMV after being told she needs to wait in line

Police say flushing drugs could lead to meth gators

Florida man arrested for cutting off the penis of his wife's lover


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OverFlow - Extra Stories (SKIP THESE)

Dad chases down man that stole car with his kids in it, beats thief to death

CA man fatally shoots man that attacked him in parking lot

Florida cop arrested for planting meth on drivers

MI man killed his wife when he thought she was an intruder

NJ police lieutenant killed his wife and shot her boyfriend in apparent jealous rage

IL woman killed both of her sons and set the house on fire before killing herself

MA woman who fought off masked attacker is killed while meeting with book club friends

Chicago cops make 84 gun arrests, only 15 remain in custody

Police officer injured, 1 other dead as man opens fire at methadone clinic