This Week in Guns 239 - Shaneen Allen sends a message - Sig Makes a 238 - Glock 19X debuts

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Top Stories


{Start Positive News…


Shaneen Allen has a message for Republicans on reciprocity


Ruger introduces pistol caliber carbine


Swatting suspect arrested in Los Angeles after his victim is killed by SWAT


Springfield Armory makes a Sig 238


Glock introduces their MHS candidate as the 19X


CA ammo store will continue to sell ammo despite not having the required license


Democrat backed online gun buy sting backfires


Sig releases a compact polymer 9mm, the P365


//End Positive News}


Denver deputy killed, 6 injured, by barricaded suspect


Gun Control groups donate 6 times more money that Pro-Gun groups


Man had "Small Arsenal" in Houston Hyatt Regency top floor room on New Year's Eve


Walther recalls CCP, says it's not drop safe


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Chicago restricts taser use because fleeing criminals might get hurt


Angry woman tweets $20K offer for anyone to assassinate Trump


Mother of Popeye's chicken robber questions why he had to be shot 5 times


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Full Auto News Segment

(Stories the “real” media won’t talk about… and other crazy stuff):


**Each host picks a story to call their own**





Wendy's customer stops robbery with a chair


9 year old stops carjacking with a pellet gun


High school teen armed with a pellet gun killed during robbery attempt


Honor Guard pistol won at IV8888 shoot being auctioned off for law enforcement support


Only cops should have guns; cop ND's in an elevator trying to pocket carry


Two security guards killed in Las Vegas hotel, suspect in critical condition


22 year old killed by father when father thought he was stealing his truck


Cafe owner takes gun from robber and opens fire on robbers


Homeowner injured in gunfight with home invasion suspects, manages to kill one of the 3 invaders


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OverFlow - Extra Stories (SKIP THESE)


Biggest 2A fights looming in 2018


Baltimore gun control fail,breaks per capita murder record


NY woman in custody after she shoots ex boyfriend that kicked in her door


Redneck Revolt, a new leftist group to protect minorities (Auto Play video)


Border Patrol agent shot in Texas by gunman in Mexico


Hilton and Disney hotels have new "Do Not Disturb" rules after Las Vegas murders


California's 2018 gun laws


London sees the effects of gun control, violent crime shows massive increases


Texas teen charged with killing her New Year's date


Pakistan bans privately owned full auto guns


Man killed trying to recover his stolen camera from online seller


Riverside County, CA: wait time for interview to start the CCW process, 2 years


11 dead in gun battle outside Acapulco beach resort


Attempts to ban the AR-15 seem to forget, it's America's Rifle


Christian Science Monitor contends that self defense only "recently" became a component of the second amendment