This Week In Guns 235 - Listener Appreciation Episode

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Ryan Barker - Hunter, firearms enthusiast, and fan of the show

Jonathan Harris - gun enthusiast, fledgling competition shooter and one half of the Gun Life Partners

Aaron Krieger - Most loved person in the world



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Top Stories


{Start Positive News…


Black Friday breaks single day record for NICS checks


Reciprocity bill could be voted on by year's end


AG Sessions orders review of NICS system


Movie producer giving away AR-15 to honor Texas church hero


Innovative Krieghoff inline slide action hunting rifle


New bill would exempt high school students from expulsion for having a gun on school property under certain circumstances


NFA wait times are dropping


County in MO considering allowing guns in county buildings after recent spate of shootings


Man arrested, rifle seized after he threatens to kill all at Seattle church


Gun violence costs $2.8 billion per year, defensive gun use saves $1 trillion


Millennials pose the greatest opposition to assault weapons ban


Congress passes spending bill that includes selling 1911's through CMP


Franklin Armory introduces binary trigger for HK trigger packs


//End Positive News}


Bipartisan deal reached on gun restrictions


Sheila Jackson Lee wants a 7 day waiting period on magazines, semi autos, and suppressors


Will more gun restrictions lead to more “ghost guns”?


Giffords wants muzzleloaders, AR pistols, and 50 cals included in NFA regulations


Criminals steal over 237,000 guns every year


Sentiment shift could lead to gun restrictions passing in Congress


Hunter kills neighbor he mistook for a deer


CA DOJ releases new assault weapon restrictions over Thanksgiving holiday


Baltimore police officer scheduled to testify against fellow officers killed with his own gun


Arlington, TX police shoot man with fake gun in the mall


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California man destroys his AR-15 in light of recent killings


Liberals want gun range billboard taken down because shooter is taking a knee


Giffords asks web hosts to shut down “ghost gun” sites


Suicidal teen sues officer that saved him, awarded $1.7 million


Senator wants parents to stop buying toy guns


Philadelphia Bill could force businesses to remove bullet proof glass


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Full Auto News Segment

(Stories the “real” media won’t talk about… and other crazy stuff):


**Each host picks a story to call their own**





Two people negligently shot in church while discussing recent church shootings

Don't have expired tags if you're gonna case a gun store


Transgender murderer removed from women's prison for having sex with women


Pastor saves wife & daughters by shooting home invader in the head


Charles Manson dies in California at 83


Second amendment used to restrict the first at Minnesota College


is the new Punisher series endorsing gun control?


Prescott Valley police chief misplaced his gun at the library


Uber driver shot passenger that attacked him


Off duty cop shoots 2 robbers while carrying his baby


NM woman that shot at couple in their driveway could face life in prison


Shotgun shell fires 9mm on impact


Augusta,Ga: woman faces charges for buying guns for her NY drug dealer



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OverFlow - Extra Stories (SKIP THESE)


FN SCAR-SC sub compact carbine


Las Vegas PD shoots and kills man holding wife at gunpoint


AR style upper for Mac 11, reduces cyclic rate


New polymer cased ammo introduced


First 6.5 mm battle rifle being tested by Serbian army


Chicago hits the 600 homicide mark


Mosque attacked in Egypt, death toll over 300


HK no longer supplying Hong Kong police with guns


ITAR forces Sig to withdraw from German tender


DPS trooper shot and killed during traffic stop