WIG 110 - Kroger Takes a Stand and Falling NFA Times


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Top Stories:

Kroger to Moms Demand Action: We’re NOT Budging on Legal Open Carry

Confirmed: NFA Transfer Times Now 90 Days…And Falling

The CSGV Stops Making Sense. Again. Still

CSGV Demands Reporter Emily Miller Be Fired for Pro 2A Stance

-Gun control group petitions station to fire pro-gun reporter

Lott: FBI Cooking the Books on Mass Shootings

Florida Senate passes bill letting gun owners carry weapons in emergency evacuations

Guns in trunks bill scores walkover victory in Tennessee

Microtech Small Arms Research Closes Its Doors

Texas gun sign thing

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Full Auto News Segment(Stories the “real” media won’t talk about… and other crazy stuff):

What’s Wrong With This Picture: Grab Your Gun and FIRE!

Wood Bison Roam the U.S. for First Time in a Century

Argentine archaeologists find secret Nazi lair in jungle

Walmart gunfight leaves 1 dead, 8 injured, 6 others arrested

For the ultimate Sly fan: The Sylvester Stallone Kill Count mini movie

Group raises $50K overnight for commercial flamethrower (VIDEO)

NY man claims he was fired over unfortunate tattoo; Home Depot says not quite

More than 1,000 pounds of pot found in pickup truck after high-speed pursuit

Concealed Carrier ‘Saved A Lot Of People’ After Gunman Opened Fire In Philly Barbershop [VIDEO]

Florida man catches 10 years for buying guns for Mexican cartel

Uptown Funk with guns! (VIDEO)

Glock releases folksy commercial for new single-stack G43 (VIDEO)

This new sound-based fire extinguisher puts out flames by dropping the bass


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