This Week in Guns 150 - SHOT Show Roundup


Commentary on the latest firearms industry news, information and buzz. Brought to you by the Firearms Radio Network.  I’m your host Jake Challand, president of the Firearms Radio Network. 

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Top Stories:

SHOT SHOW Roundup:

New Order Firearms and Their NO9 Pistol Line are New

New From Prime Manufacturing Group: Stryk Pistol

Hands On With Honor Guard’s Pistols

Kimber introduces a revolver

New From Kimber: K6s .357 Revolver and MICRO 9mm

James Bond watch out....SilencerCo’s new 3D printed integrally suppressed pistol

SilencerCo will make their own pistols for Maxim series from scratch

Zenith Firearms Now Shipping MP5 Rifle

Matrix Arms Unveils 9mm Semi-Auto Rifle

Magpul debuts extended 9mm Glock mags

Kestrel 5 Series Weather Meters

New From EOTech: Precision Rifle Scopes

5.11 Tactical debuts women’s leggings

Booth Babes at SHOT Show 2016 – Day 1

Booth Babes at SHOT Show 2016 – Day 2

STAG Arms: We’re Back to Business As Usual

Sig Sauer P210 now made in New Hampshire


NYC: Wrong again… Southern States responsible for NYC gun violence?

California bill seeks to limit Long gun sales to 1 per month

California also seeks to ban bullet button and all "assault weapons"

Judge rejects Obama's executive privilege claim over fast and furious records

SHOCKED?....nope…. Fast & Furious 50Cal found with El Chapo’s stash

El Chapo hideout had 50 caliber rifle obtained via fast and furious

So is Sean Penn really a secret CIA agent?

I’m OFFENDED section

Mojave Park Ranger Bought 9 Full-Auto Colt M-4’s, 24 Grenades

Larry Vuitton Caught Shade From The Ruger Booth At SHOT 2016

DONT YOU KNOW WHO I AM! Larry Vickers hearts Ruger...

Larry Vickers doesn’t get recognized at Ruger booth, hits back on social media

An Update on CMP 1911 Prices and Grades from CMP Chief Operating Officer Mark Johnson

Too much to cover:

WA state bill would ban almost all modern firearms

Indiana introduces permitless carry and nullification of Obama gun control laws

SC lawmaker makes a point: Journalist-Registration Bill Is Modeled On Gun Law

FBI: Murders were up 6% in first 6mos of 2015; Highest crime increases in Midwest & South

Fighting ISIS, Pentagon says body counts aren’t important...that is until they are

Railed 1911 magazine by Chip McCormick

42 year old grandmother with gun under pillow kills grandson in her sleep

armed Alaskan stops criminal in Anchorage mall

Democrats pushing bill to allow gun makers to be sued

Tennessee bill allows lawsuits over incidents in gun free zones

Polymer framed 1911

Sheriff's issue a call to arms,  urge citizens to help protect cities

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Full Auto News Segment (Stories the “real” media won’t talk about… and other crazy stuff):

**Each host picks a story to call their own**

Prehistoric Massacre uncovered and reveals the Oldest signs of warfare

Watch: Cop Shot in Back at Point-Blank, Finishes Handing out Ticket

Everyone’s favorite fighter: A-10 Warthog survives the chopping block yet again

Russia puts plans in place to “nuke” asteroids out of the sky

Texas boy finds loaded gun in Street walking home from school

After Every Mass Shooting, Americans Turn to Bogotá’s ‘Bulletproof Tailor’

Chris Pratt is only going to live off game he harvests this year, more or less

How 4 US attack helicopters were destroyed due to Geotagged photos

Facebook gun selfie lands convicted felon 15 years

Pablo Escobar’s Miami Beach mansion torn down

biggest Jackpot in History to go spend it on a “Crib”, “Blow”, & “Hoes” :: Winner Found dead next to a Kilo

fake story.  good laugh though

TN starts GoFundMe page to get reimbursed after blowing her money on Powerball Tickets

Gun Hero of the Day: Mississippi Gun Store Owner Tim Wolverton

SC: Woman assaults husband with ceramic miniatures and nunchucks (mugshot)

TrollSoHard the Movie

Good Samaritan helps detain armed robber at Anchorage 5th Avenue mall


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