This Week in Guns 152 - Facebook Revolt, Century Lawsuit, High Cap Overturned


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Top Stories:

VA reverses reciprocity decision

Virginia Governor reverses course on CCW reciprocity

BREAKING: Fourth Circuit Strikes Down Maryland’s ‘Assault Weapon’ and ‘High Capacity’ Magazine Bans

Ruling In Maryland’s “Assault Weapons” Case Could Gut Gun Control Nationwide

Facebook bans private gun sales

Gun control advocates claim victory in Facebook gun sales ban

Why the Facebook gun change isn’t really a change

Did the White House Pressure Facebook to Ban Gun Ads?

Is Facebook Targeting FFLs and Their Personal Accounts?

Facebook Removes Kentucky Gun Company Page Without Notice

Facebook Deletes Hundreds of Pro Gun Pages Without Notice

As Facebook implements new controls, gun enthusiasts embrace other platforms

TTAG and Facebook

$5M class action suit filed against Century Arms

Analysis: Idaho most dependent on gun industry, Delaware least dependent

Field and Stream writer laments SHOT Show militarization

Should using drones for hunting be banned?

I’m OFFENDED section

GA cop thrown out of college class over gun

Homeland Security loses 165 guns, 1,300 badges or credentials

Warrant issued for 1st Tennessee woman in combat role after she goes AWOL (VIDEO)

OverFlow - Extra Stories

Another record month for gun sales

Army extends pistol search deadline again

San Bernardino seeks to harden soft targets

Comedian commits straw purchase on camera: Will ATF prosecute?

Army extends Modular Handgun deadline until Feb 12th.

Father found not guilty for confiscating daughter’s iphone

Kid kicked out of school based on DNA; Genetic Discrimination??

NC: New indictment links accused teen in local murder to ISIS plans

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Full Auto News Segment (Stories the “real” media won’t talk about… and other crazy stuff):

**Each host picks a story to call their own**

We give you the Snowball Machine Gun (VIDEO)

Jorg Sprave’s Firearms Suicide Machine Revealed

Sci-fi body armor that can stop real bullets (VIDEO)

Tickle guilty of having an illegal short barreled shotgun

Armed robber(airsoft) gets taken down by military vet (VIDEO)

This guy made a ’95 percent’ 3-D printed semi auto pistol (VIDEO)

Man pulls gun on biker in road rage incident (VIDEO)

Burglars get hung up in middle of heist (VIDEO)

Sometimes you just have to shrug off a bullet like its no big deal (VIDEO)

Santa Claus arrested in Idaho

137 shots cost 6 Cleveland officers their badges (VIDEO)

Maine governor: Load up on guns, get rid of drug dealers (VIDEO)

Man shoots at himself underwater...nothing happens

Irving TX, hostage taker taken out with a head shot

LIST: America’s Sexiest Cities: Carolinas take the top 3

Elderly man dies during sex, wheeled away on gurney with hooker still attached

Best defense against those pesky drones? Try trained eagles...Merica! (Nah~ Holland!)

Jury summons directs Mississippians to call sex hotline

$50K in Bull Semen stolen [VIDEO]

Darth Vadar delivers 3D printed arm to young boy

Man gets caught trying to sell traffic court.

Man exits moving ambulance...promptly gets killed in hit-and-run

Woman films herself after being shot at Burger King drive thru

Pro Rape blogger announces million raper march

Outbreak of Female “Vampire like” attacks in New Zealand

TSA screener discovers testicular cancer on man

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