This Week in Guns 151 – The Myth of the Gun Show Loophole


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Top Stories:

DC:Blizzard doesn’t stop Guards at Tomb of the Unknown

Sig, Remington expand in Arkansas (VIDEO)

Wait, You Mean We Can’t Buy Fully Automatic Weapons Without a Background Check? Must Watch Video

Everytown for Gun Safety Spent $2.6m on Nevada Background Check Ballot Initiative. So Far.

Feds Stop Processing NICS Denial Appeals

On the backlog: NICS denials and delays

ATF investigates C&R license holder for selling 500 guns

ATF Guide “Do I need a license to buy and sell firearms?”-

OR: Shootout, FBI kills militia spokesman in traffic stop gone bad; Bundy arrested

One Dead as Ammon Bundy, Others Arrested in Oregon Wildlife Refuge Occupation

Eyewitness Account of Oregon Occupier Testimony from Victoria Sharp

Mark McConnell Video Describes Oregon Occupier Shooting

FBI: Malheur Occupiers Had Every Chance to End This Peacefully

Government Creates “Containment Zone” Around Occupied Refuge

Oregon standoff: 1 dead, 8 arrested

Ammon Bundy to remaining protesters: Go home, hug your families

FBI Drone Captures Moment Of LaVoy Finicum’s Death

Air Force: Armed Civilians Stop Mass Shootings

Air Force to allow more guns on bases to counter active shooters

WI: FBI: Man plotted “machine gun” attack against Masonic Temple

Feds arrest man for machine gun possession, mass shooting plot

World's 50 most violent cities: #15 St. Louis, (21 cities in Brazil alone)

CANADA: School shooting, 4 dead

The Media Has More Blood on its Hands with the Canadian School Shooting


NSSF: SHOT Show 2016 Bigger and Better Than Before

Guardian reporters kicked out of SHOT Show (VIDEO)

Why the NSSF Was Right to Eject Trespassing Guardian Journalists from SHOT Show

New From Inland Manufacturing: Advisor M1 Pistol

Expanding and Fragmenting self defense slugs….for 12ga.?

Caracal – Back from the Dead! Soon!

Hi-Point: Now in More Colors, Camo Patterns, and…Scoped?

Wasp Weapon System: Oddest Thing I’ve Seen at SHOT Show 2016

Cabot Guns At SHOT Show

New From Nissan: Cummins Powered Titan XD

Booth Babes at SHOT Show 2016 – Day 3

Booth Babes at SHOT Show 2016 – Day 4

I’m OFFENDED section

NRA changes ad after conflict with Comcast censors (VIDEO)

Pro Tip: Don’t Get Into a Gun Fight in a Gun Store

Mississippi: Father and Son gun shop owners killed over $25 repair bill

Australian Faces 5 Years in Prison for Airsoft Collection


Lowell, MA Concealed Carry Essay Requirement Revealed

Trump: “I Could Shoot Someone and Still Win”

OverFlow - Extra Stories

WA: Drunk moviegoer’s gun goes off and shoots woman in back gun culture at work: “13 Hours” theater shooting accident a sobering sign of our concealed-carry times

Police Body cameras infected with Conficker Virus

WI: 5 yr old killed in backseat of SUV from random shooting

CHICAGO GUN VIOLENCE: Even upscale Hyatt not safe: Man gunned down in lobby

SC: Barber shot dead during robbery, customers return fire killing one robber

Charlotte, NC: Good Samaritan shot helping driver stuck in snow

More charges filed against shooter

LAS VEGAS: Child grazed by police as they fire on suspect

CO: Homeowner shoots robber answering Craigslist ad

San Diego, CA: Naval Hospital active shooter alert false alarm: Official advice “Run, Hide, or Fight”

LA: Theater shooter praised Dylann Roof

New Orleans, LA: Deputy shot in lower 9th Ward

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Full Auto News Segment (Stories the “real” media won’t talk about… and other crazy stuff):

**Each host picks a story to call their own**

Lesson of the day: Don’t jerk it while driving (Man dies trying)

Incoming: Black Aces Tactical’s “The Firearm”

Drug dealer busted with $14Mil in heroin while looking for parking on snowed in NYC

Australian police stop plot to used suicide bombing kangaroos

Selfie stick: Ukrainian soldier style (VIDEO)

Barbie puts on some curves: Biggest change in 57yrs of the doll.

Smith & Wesson pistol causes man to lose finger, lawsuit says

The admiral in charge of Navy intelligence has not been allowed to see military secrets for years

Super Bowl security includes F-15’s and National Guard?

Minority Report JPN: Tokyo Police now take 3D mug shots

Is This 112 Year old Auschwitz Survivor The Oldest Person Alive?

Saudi man caught smuggling 14 bottles of liquor in his underwear

USAF budget cuts force the hire of jet-flying mercenaries

USAF screws taxpayers out of $115mil for INVERTING gunship during flight

Well there goes $1.8Mil… USAF Nuclear missile mishap costs taxpayers [Autoplay]

Michigan Businesses: Firearms Welcome!

Gun Hero of the Day: Asst. Chemistry Professor Syed Hamid Hussain

Officials: Gun-toting veteran saves life of Bastrop deputy

JON: Expanding and Fragmenting Slugs Take 12 Gauge To A Whole New Level Of Destruction

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