This Week in Guns 149 - NRA Challenges Obama


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Nate Murr - Writer, Inventor, Director of business development for Kinetic Development Group

Jon Patton - The Gun Collective & Patton Media Consulting

Josh Cast - Writer, Inventor, Director and Online Personality “Whitey” from FourGuysGuns

Ebbs - Haus of Guns & Haus of Arms

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Top Stories:

NRA Veep Challenges President Obama Debate Gun Control. As If.

NRA challenges Obama to one-on-one debate (VIDEO)

ATF Publishes Final Ruling Requiring FFLs Report Guns Lost or Stolen In Transit

TV Station Tries, and Fails, to Simulate Self Defense Shooting Scenarios

Philly cop shot “in the name of Islam”

Philly cop ambushed in name of Allah

Philly mayor blame guns not islam

Harrisburg,  PA mayor wants 60% pay increase for NRA gun show,  pulls police coverage

El Chapo Speaks

Hollywood's Sean Penn lied about 'Chapo' trafficking claim: lawyer

Mexican kingpin El Chapo captured

Helmet Cam Footage Of ‘El Chapo’s’ Capture

Shrimp Boy found guilty

BREAKING: Sciens Default on Loan to Colt, Rocks Bankruptcy Exit

Colt emerges from bankruptcy

Colt Emerges From Bankruptcy TTAG

New From IWI US: TAVOR SAR in 300 Blackout

IWI US Expands Into the Cold Hammer Forged Barrel Biz

New from Springfield Armory: XD-S .40SW

Smith & Wesson’s New M&P 15-22 Sport Rifles

SIG SAUER MPX-C and SIGM400-Predator to Release at SHOT

Vietnam Veteran & Skeet Shooter Goes Out With a “Bang”

Question of the Day: What Kind of Firearms-Related Send Off Would You Like?

I’m OFFENDED section

Angry Militia Leader: Stop Mailing Us Dildos

Armed ranchers in Oregon disappointed in latex mail call (VIDEO)

Oregon standoff enters second week; Ranchers refuse to back down

Lawsuit demands removal of “In God We Trust” from all money

US court,  wearing unearned medals free speech

Hillary, white terrorism and police violence greater threat than ISIS

AZ senator wants 20ft video free zone around police

2 navy boats captured by Iran,  white house does nothing

Iran releases video, images of U.S. Sailors in custody (VIDEO)

Overflow - Too Much to Cover

Georgia Democrats introduce assault weapons confiscation bill

California Democrats introduce Assault Weapons bill also

Okie foster parents sue DHS over gun policy

TX Gov. calls for Constitutional convention over 2nd amendment intrusions

New knockout game?

Slasher caught,  has 32 prior arrests

NC:Robbers foiled by banks double doors

Senate introduces national reciprocity bill

Top 10 lies in SOTU address

The new way police are surveilling you: A threat Score

PHILLY: Buddist monk robbed & attacked while buying lottery tickets

Catholic Diocese of El Paso going Gun Free to reject TX open carry law

MO Senate votes to nullify federal gun laws

Texas gov calls for constitutional convention to take back states' rights

Police unsure how many accidentally shot at OH gun show

Woman finally charged months after SC 3 year old accidentally shot himself

PojoJet: Non-lethal Gun for Law enforcement

Rand Paul educates Whoopi Goldberg on automatic weapons

100 celebrities thank Obama for gun control

NYPD officer shot in early morning gunfight

Andrea Mitchell fears benghazi movie could be bad for Hillary

Navy Seal Confronts Hillary Clinton – ‘You Are An Ignorant Liar’

Chicago, 120 shot in first 10 days of 2016

Sacramento sheriff opposes Feinstein’s Gun bill

Gun show loophole? Chicago criminals buy guns on the street

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Full Auto News Segment (Stories the “real” media won’t talk about… and other crazy stuff):

**Each host picks a story to call their own**

Would you take Freeze dried “poo” pills to fight your Fat?

Police: Two Would-Be Robbers Fatally Shot In Auburn Gresham

Thief is force-fed 40 bananas to retrieve gold necklace he swallowed while fleeing police in Mumbai

Star Wars?: NASA opens Planetary Defense Office

Lost Lockheed Hellfire missile somehow shows up in Cuba???

Reporter regrets asking man what he'd do with PowerBall winnings - Jon

Virginia: 19 yr old woman lifts truck off of father TWICE to save his life

Police in Florida are looking for the worst Deadpool impersonators ever

Felons indicted for selling .50-cals to undercover agents

Gun-toting grandma shoots mugger in the chest

$500K worth of pot found in fake carrots (VIDEO)

Russian doc delivers fatal blow after patient gropes nurse (VIDEO)

Ultimate Conceal Carry?: KGB Rectal Gun

KGB rectal gun – ultimate concealed carry

‘Restore America’ organizer fatally shoots co-founder during drunken argument (VIDEO)

FL gun store fills arcade claw machine with AR15 parts - Jon

IL Phone store owner praises employee with carry permit

Deformed mountain lion a mystery

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