WIG 148 - Tears for Fears, Occupy Wildlife & New Rugers


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Top Stories:

2015: The year of the Gun: Record number of NICS checks: 23.1 Million = 1 every 44 mins.

ATF rules CLEO signoff not needed for NFA trusts

BREAKING: ATF Issues Final Ruling on NFA Trusts, Eliminates CLEO Sign-Off for ALL NFA Paperwork

Fight ATF 41P - Legal Challenge to ATF 41P

Initial Comment in Opposition to ATF 41P filed by FICG Pg. 27 for NFATCA involvement in starting ATF 41P

List of 23 executive orders signed by Obama

Obama’s Speech – A Crowd-Pleaser for the Left and the Ignorant

President Obama’s Tears for Fears

NRA: “The Truth About Background Checks.” Uh . . .

Obama's gun control town hall a sham

Obama executive action brings military into smart gun research

Obama/Lynch gut punch the Average Joe with FFL requirement to sell 1 gun?

Some social security beneficiaries will lose their gun rights under Obama plan

Social Security may strip gun rights from 75,000 beneficiaries per year

Idaho governor signs emergency bill to nullify future federal gun laws

Obama urges citizens to stand against the NRA

Fact sheet on executive action from the white house

Fiorina calls Obama's executive order delusional,  dangerous,  and unconstitutional

Ted Cruz Protests Obama’s Executive Orders By Giving Away a Shotgun

BONUS ROUND Government Named Top U.S. Problem for Second Straight YearBREAKING: NRA to CNN: Take Your Obama “Guns in America” Town Hall And Shove It

Obama's town hall: Guns in America

“In some places, it’s easier and cheaper for a 12 year old girl to buy a gun than a book.”

Smartphone comparison

Militia take over Oregon wildlife refuge

armed militia and Bundy brothers calling US patriots to arms

Oathkeepers is reporting that military spec ops have been assigned to Oregon standoff

Ted Cruz: Oregon Protestors Should Stand Down

Long before the Bundy’s, Mohawk warriors resisted ‘tyranny’ in Canada

HISTORY of Oregon/Bundy Etc

Gun confiscation without due process coming to California January 1, 2016

VA reciprocity changes bring backlash

VA lawmakers propose taking anti gun governor's armed body guards

Houston PD to go after SWATters

Colt 1911 falling off the California roster

Pro life and pro gun?

SEALs choose Glock 19

What Could Possibly Go Wrong? – Trigger Point’s Tigger-Mounted Light/Laser Switch

Bushnell Introduces New No Questions Asked Lifetime Warranty

BREAKING: IWI Recalls Galil ACE Pistols Due To Full Auto Receivers

Striker fired Ruger American pistol introduced

Gun Review: Ruger American Pistol (9mm)

LEAKED: Ruger’s New Rimfire Silencer

Rugers new 10/22 M1 carbine

I’m OFFENDED section

NY Daily News Goes Full Retard for Gun Control

BREAKING: YouTube Shuts Down Hickok45’s Channel for Cross-Posting on Google+

Jeb! Bush Misremembers Story About NRA Award

California toy guns must be brightly colored effective January 1

Pizzaman stab customer in neck for complaining delivery took too long(Why we carry)

Chicago airport police told to run and hide in active shooter situations

Too much to cover - extra Stories

Concealed carrier stabbed to death in his driveway,  didn't have his gun

Los Angeles man shoots 3 people and is killed by son.  Son charged with murder

Electronic Frontier Foundation Files Amicus Brief in Defense Distributed 3D Censorship Case

Texas Walmart: We Don’t Sell Long Guns to Residents of These States

Woman Shoots, Kills Home Invasion Suspect In Trotwood

Florida mom accidentally kills daughter she thought was an intruder

Court to decide if bb guns are firearms

armed citizen saves police officer from baton beating

Woman kills intruder,  dispatcher disciplined for forgetting to dispatch police

California gun store expands to Texas. Visit Faith Armory in Temecula, Ca or Waxahachie, Texas,  or online at Faitharmory.com

SC man sued for killing home intruder

5 days,  4 incidents stopped by gun owners.  Merry Christmas

Samuel L Jackson wished San Bernardino shooters were white

House introduces new assault weapons bill,  HR4269

FLORIDA: Machete wielding man vandalizes Mosque with bacon

FLORIDA split on open carry 49/49

Medal of Honor recipient arrested for Hit and Run in SC

Why women are buying more guns

Rock Hill grandmother says 2 of 4 shooting suspects arrested last week are her grandsons

One of These Is The Toy Gun Tamir Rice Was Holding(AUTOPLAY VIDEO)

Coroner: Woman mauled by grizzly died from gunshot wound(VIDEO)

Martial Arts instructor arrested for knocking out 5-yr old

Christmas Eve Northlake mall shooting in Charlotte

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Full Auto News Segment (Stories the “real” media won’t talk about… and other crazy stuff):

**Each host picks a story to call their own**

Reporter “accidentally” stabbed while testing stab-proof vest(VIDEO)

ATLANTA: Naked prostitutes chase gunmen through Marriott Hotel

Defensive Gun Use of the Day: Sin City Feather Carbine v. Hammer Time

Man proposes over Walmart intercom then steals sextoys for fiance’

80% AR Lowers Being Sold On Amazon As “Art Pieces”

News crew robbed while attending anti-robbery conference in DC(VIDEO)

WWII German Halftrack pulled from Polish river in amazing condition

Snowmen? Nyet! In mother Russia we make Snow Tanks!

Paraguay reenlists 75yr old Sherman Tanks

Line-X truck liner for bullet proof (read:shotgun) paint?

Scientists rediscover weaponized snake used by the ancient Greeks

400lb bearded woman sought in San Diego stabbing

Christmas eve wrapping paper assault on store clerk

NY man attacked with Snicker's bar

30 injured, West Point bans pillow fights

NC pastor disarms PTSD Vet at New Years Eve service, brings man to Jesus! (Feel good story)

Buy a toy F16 get a free Muslim Prayer(VIDEO)

Rusty cleaver, Katana, & More: Weapons seized at Gillette Stadium by Police

Teens attack mailman for delivering presents late

Bloody cruise elevator reminiscent of The Shining

LV taco shop turns burglary video into hilarious commercial

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