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Top Stories:

Guns topping Christmas lists thanks to terrorism concerns, fear over restrictions

Stag Arms pleads guilty to violating federal gun laws

Stag Arms loses FFL due to sloppy record keeping

BREAKING: ATF Revokes Stag Arms’ Manufacturing License

Smith & Wesson Objects to Brownells ‘Dream Gun’

Breaking: Smith & Wesson Going After Apex, et al?

Smith & Wesson Re-Thinks Its Approach to Brownells M&P ‘Dream Gun’

The day the M&P died; S&W sends out cease and desist letters

Colt to Exit Bankruptcy by Cutting Workers’ Retirement, Borrowing Money from Connecticut Taxpayers

Colt Finally Ready To Exit Bankruptcy

Taurus ready to rebuild credibility, but hurdles still ahead

Chattanooga shooting a 'terror attack,' FBI Director James Comey says

VA ending reciprocity with other states

Democrats want to buy your guns

Sanders wants you to call 911 if you see someone carrying gun into their home

Steven Seagal named head of California NRA

Fins and Czechs oppose ban on semi autos

Century Arms AK NOT Linked to Paris Attack. Fast and Furious II?

NY lawmakers want to cap ammo sales to 2 times your weapons capacity every 90 days

Court upholds Seattle gun violence tax

I’m OFFENDED section (Not necessarily me, but someone's offended here)

UT-Arlington police issue ‘all clear’ after no gun found following scare: Man with a camera tripod

Feds slam the door on lion trophy imports

Quote of the Day: Against His Better Judgement, Reporter Buys a Gun to ‘Feel Better’

Muslim  couple kicked out of Arkansas mall had been taking video of people and entrances / exits of mall

Too much to cover - extra Stories

Car plows into pedestrians near Planet Hollywood, killing one, injuring 37

Officials and family paint different portraits of suspect in Vegas rampage

2 slashed on NY subway in dispute over pole

Secret Service agent's gun and badge stolen in DC

Burglars for gun control

Obama set to bypass Congress on gun control after Christmas

Four CCW permit holders stopped violent crimes last week

NC doubles reporting of mentally ill to federal gun database

Rand Paul aims to control Obama on gun control

The Women Warriors Who Freak Out the Islamic State

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Full Auto News Segment (Stories the “real” media won’t talk about… and other crazy stuff):

**Each host picks a story to call their own**

Cabot teases 1911 made from meteorite

Jalal brother shot while filming fake bomb prank

This Just In: North Korea Hates the Second Amendment

Armenian Firearms (What’s new at World.Guns.Ru)

Raging Judge Magnum Vs. First Order StormTrooper

Stuff a Carrot in a Shogun Barrel And . . . [VIDEO]

General Atomics Plans 150kW Laser Tests; C-130 As Possible Platform

Holiday joy: California waiter returns family’s lost $32,000

Woman (yikes see photo) beats husband for farting

Police: Robbery Suspect ID’d by Profane Words and Horns Tattooed on His Face

Want Viagra? S.C. Bill Would Make Men Go Through What Women Do to Get Abortion

Veteran Affairs to pick up the tab for paralyzed vets' robotic legs

Prisoner sues after they run out of waffles and is served peach cobbler


Authorities investigating bulk purchase of ammo,  slingshot pellets,  and razors in Kansas

Police: Woman Chants "ISIS is good, ISIS is great" During Sex

Hitler only had one testicle

NYC 10yr old robbed at gunpoint for $3

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New nerf guns banned in Australia

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