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Top Stories:

Majority of Americans oppose assault weapons ban for the first time in  20 years

Democrats introduce bill to ban manufacture of assault weapons

Time Mag: Americans view Gun violence as permanent part of life

France has more mass shooting deaths in 2015 than the US during  Obama's entire time in office

Fake mass shooting goes off with a surprise in random location (VIDEO)

Center for American Progress’ 28-Point Plan to Destroy Americans’ Gun Rights

Criminal Charges to Be Brought Against Enrique Marquez, Ex-Neighbor of San Bernardino Shooters

FBI on alert as propane tanks go missing

More suspicious activity in the mid west

Explosives buried in Missouri woods near where mysterious cell phone purchases were made

More people looking to be a good guy with a gun

Chicago officer acquitted of putting gun in suspect's mouth

Australian police seize 3D printed gun from meth lab

NY Times: assault weapons are a myth

I’m OFFENDED section

Updated: Wicomico County Man Gets 10 Years in Stolen Valor Case

'I Feel Like I Was Racially Profiled': Fremont Woman 'Singled Out' After Asking Question About Ammo at Dick's Sporting Goods

Woman who shot at shoplifters vows to 'never help anybody again' after conviction

ACLU leader resigns after post about shooting Trump supporters

USA Today column: good guy with a gun myth

White House targets S&W with bogus SEC  charge

Too much to cover - extra Stories

CSGV tells followers to swat gun owners

Pinellas County sheriff threatens to shoot concealed carriers

Rapper Rick Ross calls for assassination of Trump

Hillary Clinton emails reveal it was Bush's fault

3 arrested for robbing news crew at gunpoint

ISIS recruiter arrested in Minnesota

Modesto, CA Pastor shot during Conceal Carry Class

French teacher lied about ISIS attack claim

FL police chiefs to back open carry bill

Los Angeles County considering more gun control in wake of San Bernardino terrorist attack

Washington Post skewers Obama on shootings

British PM Cameron puts Obama in his place

Credible terror threat against L. A. schools

Officials confirm suspicious questions being asked by Muslims about Bagnell Dam

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Full Auto News Segment (Stories the “real” media won’t talk about… and other crazy stuff):

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WWII German Escape Sub Washes up in Argentina


Thread with Art Project! So Cool!

Plumber sues Ford dealer after truck with company logo was used by ISIS

Castaway sued by shipmate’s family over accused cannibalism (VIDEO)

Detective wanted for soliciting minor shoots self while officers execute warrant (VIDEO)

Wanted bank robber spotted during live newscast (VIDEO)

What Each State Googled More Than Any Other State In 2015

Is a Blue Thong Effective Concealment for Deer Hunting?


The Russian ‘Traumatic Pistol’ Is Arizona Cops’ Latest Weapon

Robber tries to hold up group of Texans with a toy gun

Libyan illicit arms Facebook Group

Intruder shot by whole family

Zombie Apocalypse A Possibility? Rise in Zombie-Like Infection Should Trigger An International Call of Action, An Expert Reveals

Shoplifted cookie dough explodes in woman's vagina

Dairy Queen employee arrested for spitting on police officer's food

New Zealand approves the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and other reasons to fear for humanity

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New nerf guns banned in Australia

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