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Top Stories:


Obama signs bill to allow 1911s to be sold to public

Al Quaeda suicide bombs ISIS leadership

Black Friday breaks record with 185K gun background checks

San Bernardino

'Devout' Muslim US citizen and his wife left their baby at home to storm back to office holiday party with automatic weapons and slaughter 14 of his colleagues before dying in bloody police shoot-out

San Bernardino killers erased digital presence day before the attacks

One Male, One Female Suspect Dead in San Bernardino Shooting, Found with “Assault Weapons” and Handguns

Fmr CIA Officer: San Bernardino Shooting Resembles Middle East Attacks

EXCLUSIVE: ISIS Adherents Praise San Bernardino Massacre, "America Burning"

CA hospital treating shooting victims receives bomb threat

White House plans executive action to expand background checks for gun sales

Listen to What Police Officer Tells Evacuees in Tense Moments Following California Shooting

How a Los Angeles Times Reporter Misled the Internet in Aftermath of California Shooting

New Weaponized Term Emerges From San Bernardino Shooting – “Assault Clothing”  

TTAG Publisher’s USA Today Op-Ed: ‘Gun control is not the answer’

Police, feds probe terror as possible motive in SoCal massacre

Authorities Search Redlands Home Tied To Suspect Syed Farook

Common-sense safety, Stronger Background Checks - A Legal Analysis of the President’s Comments

Colorado Springs

3 killed 9 injured in Colorado Springs planned parenthood shooting

Obama back on gun control bandwagon after Colorado shooting

War on Traditional American Values

NY Daily News Mocks Those Who Invoke God Instead of Gun Control

‘Scumbags’: New York Daily News Slammed for ‘Offensive’ Cover Following San Bernardino Shooting

New York Daily News Owner - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mortimer_Zuckerman

Yes, God Can Fix This. He Already Has.

Couple Great quotes from this article

"Muslims. Terrorism. Definitely. It’s not racist to make that assumption. It’s rational. I’d love to be proven wrong sometime, but that’s up to the Muslim community. Stop killing people and then I can stop noticing that you kill people. Very simple formula, folks."

"Disturbed, lone white guys kill people, but they don’t generally come together in groups to plot out an elaborate siege on a local office complex. Muslims do that. That’s almost exclusively a Muslim thing."

"One can pray and also “do things.” For the especially coordinated, it’s even possible to pray while doing things..."

"Buy a gun, raise your kids, live responsibly and say your prayers. Hand everything else over to God. That’s my plan."

Harry Reid seeks to strip gun rights of some abortion clinic protesters

France Update

French Counterterrorism Forces Raid 2,235 homes, Seize 334 Weapons, Arrest 232 Suspects

DC police chief says citizens are the best defense against a paris style attack

DC police chief,  if you've got a clear shot at a terrorist,  take it

Ca: anti gun Lt. Gov spends millions on armed bodyguards

Claims armed citizens would have made Paris attacks worse

Govt sues Eotech manufacturer for fraud

I’m OFFENDED section (People who are controlled by their emotions strike again)

Clock kid suing for $15 million

Is this ad offensive? Gun retailer's ads create Christmas controversy (this f***ing guy in this video)

White house wants Americans talking about guns on thanksgiving

Too much to cover - extra Stories:

Report: Father of four paralyzed in I-85 rest area shooting

Teen remains in critical condition following road-rage incident

Report: Rock Hill school fight breaks out after assault with iPad

Chicago Bound Border Patrol Agent Arrested with 110 Pounds of Cocaine, Say Police

Arrest made in murder of pastor's pregnant wife during home invasion

Schumer wants to deny gun purchases for those on watch lists

Michigan dems want stand your ground laws repealed

California gun collection seized for the crime of no crime

LA magazine ban 60 days later: 0 mags turned in

Chicago PD dash cam video of fatal shooting of 17 year old released

Hillary calls for government confiscation of guns

24 Senators urge Obama to sidestep congress on gun control

Democrats make it official: The party of Gun Control

NY Safe act architect found guilty of corruption

Analysis: After firing McCarthy, Emanuel faces bigger problem

No more gun shows on Nashville fair grounds

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Full Auto News Segment (Stories the “real” media won’t talk about… and other crazy stuff):

**Each host picks a story to call their own**

VIDEO: Jewish Businessman Buys Meals for 400 U.S. Soldiers

Suspected Burglar Stuck in Chimney Dies After Homeowner Starts Fire in Fireplace

Crime Stoppers Crime of the Week: Ammo theft

After Freeing Bald Eagle From Trap, Brothers Snap the Selfie of a Lifetime

Mob boss" son says mafia will stop isis in NY

FBI offering $15K for return of stolen guns

Police cruiser sends deer flying (VIDEO)

A piece by piece inspection of 647 rifles from the Organ of Muskets (VIDEO)

Boats full of dead bodies keep washing ashore near Japan (VIDEO)

Ghost ships filled with bodies arrive on Japan's shores

Suspect walks off with over $500K from armored truck (VIDEO)

German anti-tank gun vs Ford truck with dramatic outcome (VIDEO)

Men carry out armed robbery in panda suits

Russian MP killed by husband with grenade during sex

The trick to disarming 170 Civil War artillery shells in the field (VIDEO)

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New nerf guns banned in Australia

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