WIG 141 - Record Breaking NICS Numbers in October


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Top Stories:

Biggest October for NICS background checks on record

Chicago concealed carrier not expected to face charges for killing armed robber

Only in Chicago,  councilman facing murder charge wins second term

Ares Defense announces belt fed MCR Lite

Congressman 's wife launches mothers against gun free zones

“I Would Rather Be Shot By A Smart Gun Than Sell One”

San Diego active shooter,  inbound flights put on hold

BREAKING: “Sniper” in San Diego Shuts Down Airport

San Diego sniper in custody after 5-hr standoff with police

Colorado gunman goes on shooting spree despite increased gun control laws

Colorado Springs Shooter’s Video Log Revealed [VIDEO]

Did Colorado’s Open Carry Law Delay Police Response to Colorado Springs Spree Killing?

Supreme Court decision on Chicago semi auto ban could lead to 2nd civil war

Quote of the Day: Australian-Style Gun Confiscation Would Trigger A Civil War Edition

First Coloradan Arrested for Possession of High Capacity Magazine

Mother shot in home invasion fired back, husband says

I’m OFFENDED section (People who are controlled by their emotions strike again)

SC students stage walkout to support fired school resource officer

Everytown spokesperson apologizes after threatening lawmaker

Moms Demand Action: Teaching Gun Safety to Children is “Atrocious”

Too much to cover - extra Stories:

Next Intent Tactical introduces clamp on adjustable gas block

Family of armed robber killed by armed citizen complains he was shot too many times

Texas police chief shot in the head

Sheriff has a warning for Obama if he enacts gun control

Colion Noir: Right to feel safe isn't a right

Unnamed British police face sub machine-gun fire

Straw purchase gun used to kill cop, buyer given probation/community service

Clinton gun control ad inflates stats by 66%

Cop ambushes himself to promote war on cops

5 stabbed at UC Merced campus,  suspect killed

Adams County rancher shot and killed by deputies

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Full Auto News Segment (Stories the “real” media won’t talk about… and other crazy stuff):

**Each host picks a story to call their own**

W. VA prosecutor suspended for pulling gun on fake spiders

Man who thought gun was unloaded shoots, kills himself while driving

Man leaves 5-year-old girl in desert with .45, says ‘shoot any bad guys’

Police: Rock Hill man arrested after shooting himself in leg

Question of the Day: What’s the Best Gun for Shooting Down a Telephone Pole?

Black Hawk drone: Unmanned chopper passes critical Pentagon test

Pharmacy accidentally gave kids bipolar pills instead of candy

Negligent discharge strikes 2 at gun show

Gun Dealer Shoots Two at Expo Idaho Gun Show

Pastor shot dead while cleaning gun to be succeeded by son

Fl campus placed on alert because of popping balloons

Mississippi man 'bombed a Walmart store after the chain stopped selling the Confederate flag'   

Man killed for grabbing last piece of chicken, cops say

Sirloin Swipers: High Beef Costs Lead To More Meat Thefts, Experts Say

Question of the Day: WWJS (What Would Jesus Shoot)?

Luke 22:36-37

First Aerial Test of F-35’s GAU-22/A 25mm!

Wanna Make Quick Cash? Buy Pipe from Home Dept, Trade It In as a “Shotgun” at Police Buybacks

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