WIG 140 - Restaurant Offers Concealed Carry Discounts


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Top Stories:

Robbery prompts restaurant to offer conceal carry discount

LA city council passes new gun storage measure

Los Angeles passes mandatory gun lock law

law enforcement sues LA over high cap magazine ban

Amish man sues to buy gun without photo ID

Amish man sues government over right to buy gun without photo ID

FOID like gun control coming to Pennsylvania

Charges dismissed for man who shot down drone

Amazon, GoPro, Walmart Among FAA's Picks for Drone Registration Task Force

Incoming Refugees Have Austrians, Especially Women, Stocking Up on Guns

I’m OFFENDED section (People who are controlled by their emotions strike again)

Everytown demands Ben Carson apologize to gun violence victims

Walmart’s Israeli soldier costume causing outrage

Student suspended for posting photo with rifle,  the hypocrisy is overwhelming though

Too much to cover - extra Stories:

Jeb Bush disputes national right to gun ownership

NY Times calls concealed carry defense stories a myth

New York police department says motorcycle club can't own guns

$100 gun tax bill heads to Congress

White House points to Chicago to justify national gun control

Oakland dad whose son was shot has a common sense message on gun control

Black man kills white girl, blames racism

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Full Auto News Segment (Stories the “real” media won’t talk about… and other crazy stuff):

**Each host picks a story to call their own**

Burglar strips and climbs in bed with couple,  had to dodge bullets afterwards

‘Walking Dead’ fan beats to death friend he thinks is turning into zombie

Hoarder found with thousands of guns

17 years for man who stole 111 guns from S&W factory

Does a .22LR has enough umpf to go through a windshield? (VIDEO)Jon

Watch the produce section get shredded in slo-mo (VIDEO)

Dog named trigger shoots hunter

Driver kills 4, media reports it as a shooting

Another installment in why homemade body armor isn’t a good idea (VIDEO)

Feds find 2,600-foot drug smuggling tunnel through US border, 12 tons of pot

Father son crime spree stopped by armed boy protecting grandma

Pageland man arrested after authorities find thousands of guns piled at home  Authorities believe most of property was stolen

Florida bear hunting too effective,  ended early

Quentin Trenton protests against cops, NYPD calls for boycott of his latest film

Teens just want to fight… until they’re distracted by cop’s epic dance moves (VIDEO)

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