WIG 138 - Constitutional Carry Returns to Maine


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Kenny Ortega - Former police officer, firearms instructor, gun store manager, movie technical adviser and armorer

Troy Clopton - Host/Producer of the God and Guns Podcast, Conceal Carry Deadly Weapons Instructor (website?)

Rob Smith - Contributor on the Firearms Insider Gun and Gear Review Podcast.  

“This past Tuesday we recorded Episode 104 - the SHTF special.  We had a full house and each host selected a gun and piece of gear for a SHTF scenario.  This was a little different than the normal episode and we had a great time.  

Simon Says Train (co-host of the Firearms insider podcast) - The Diversity shoot is a 2A workshop/recreational shoot to recruit all people to be active in 2A politics and have fun at the range at the same time.  When we all work at keeping the 2nd Amendment alive we can't be beat”


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Top Stories:

Constitutional carry returns to Maine this week

Texas cop killer executed by lethal injection

NRA calls for action over Verizon axing Sportsman, Outdoor channels

Verizon Drops Outdoor & Sportsman Channels – Silencing Your Access to NRA Programs

President Putin Tells United States Citizens Not To Give Up Your Guns

Badger Guns Found Liable for Negligence in Milwaukee Police Shooting

Son of Army vet creates app for stopping night terrors (VIDEO)

Kansas surplus store owner indicted for illegally making, selling silencers

Woman charged after firing gun at Home Depot

8th Grader sent home for patriotic shirt with gun image on it

Confederate flag supporters indicted under Georgia terrorism law

Too much to cover - extra Stories:

Rock Hill 2-year-old finds loaded gun, shoots grandmother in back

Officer claims he was denied service at Olive Garden  

DOJ announces new position to focus on domestic terror threat

Princeton Univ. officers to get access to guns for active shooter emergencies

Harvard University Study Reveals Astonishing Link Between Firearms, Crime and Gun Control



Supreme Court to Announce This Week Whether It Will Hear Huge Second Amendment Case

“Black Lives Matter” Activist Threatens Violence If New, “Black-Friendly” Constitution Isn’t Created

Suspect dead, 10 hurt in hammer attack in Canadian office

California Looks to Take Another Big Swipe at Second Amendment With New Gun Control Proposal

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Full Auto News Segment (Stories the “real” media won’t talk about… and other crazy stuff):

**Each host picks a story to call their own**

'Maxi Pad Bandit' Caught On Camera Breaking In Store

What Happens When Call of Duty Players Throw on Real Gear? [VIDEO]

Sword-wielding woman uses medieval combat skills to stop intruder

WATCH: Woman Accused of Live-Streaming Her Drunk Drive from Bar

DUI Suspect Has Outrageous Excuse: 'My Dog Was Driving That Car'

WATCH: Amy Schumer Makes Fun of Gun Owners on 'Saturday Night Live'

NYPD runs x-rays on the low low via secret vans (VIDEO)

Defensive Gun Use of the Day: Concealed Carrier Stops Carjacking, Saves Lives

Russia has turned its T-90 tank into a robot – and plans to hire gamers to fight future wars


Subliminal penises and other bizarre FCC complaints about TV's MythBusters

Luxury 'doomsday bunker' will allow 34 super rich families to survive the apocalypse

$2 junk store find turns out to be $5M photo of Billy the Kid (VIDEO)

Man tries to put out fire with minivan


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