WIG 128 - Taliban Leader Killed and LA Gangs Gone Wild


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Top Stories:

Afghan intelligence officials confirm death of Taliban leader Mullah Omar

Los Angeles gangs terrify community with ‘kill contest’

Los Angeles gangs terrify community with ‘kill contest’

L.A. City Council bans large-capacity ammunition magazines

Gun control? Americans increasingly see more guns as the solution, not the problem.

MSNBC Shocked: Nearly 90% of Americans Support Constitutional Carry

Taurus Agrees To $39 Million Settlement In Defective Pistol Case

Marine brass endorses infantry plan to ditch M16 for M4

Michigan Officer Shells Out $35,000 For Open Carry Stop

Dentist’s Dubious Lion Kill Triggers Anti-Hunting Outcry

ATF Re-Classifies Certain Flares and 40mm Chalk Rounds as Explosives, Begins Confiscation


This Is Why We Carry: Maine Police Stand By During Murders, Arson

Thug Burglarizes Church, Pastor Pulls Blaster

Cincinnati man shoots at 1-year-old boy, is shot by man with concealed carry permit

Guns for Beginners: It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over

Indiana woman rents gun at indoor range before killing herself in front of employees

Armed Father Defends Daughter from Intruders

Politics and other stories: 

Obama DOJ to Investigate Planned Parenthood Whistleblower

North Carolina sends gun reform bill to governor

Appeals court upholds doctor-patient gun law

Texans protest Obama’s latest gun control plan

Another State Backs Down After ‘I Will Not Comply’ Uproar

Lafayette shooter able to buy gun because he was never involuntarily committed

Spouting Maloney


Obama: ‘If I ran again, I could win’


Report: Chattanooga Victims May Not Be Eligible for Purple Hearts

Clinton facing new calls to turn over server after IGs request probe

Reported two-month gap in Clinton emails coincides with escalating Libya violence

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Full Auto News Segment (Stories the “real” media won’t talk about… and other crazy stuff):

**Each host picks a story to call their own**

USA 1SHOT – non-NFA butt stock for your handgun

Man breaks into 11-year-old girl’s home, takes ONE look at her and leaves immediately

Watch what happens when regular people try to use hanguns in self defense (Video)

Man Hides Unloaded Pistol In Basketball – Gives It To Recruiters For Self-Defense

Granny’s Got a Gun: More Seniors Now Purchasing Firearms

WATCH: Trailer Released for Michael Bay's Benghazi Movie

Man arrested for assault with venomous snake

About those hackable rifles

1,000 self-targeting sniper rifles can be hacked: Nice work, dummies

Chinese cop fires in the air as suspect bites piece of flesh from his leg (VIDEO)

Man cashes in after ATM workers accidentally leave bag with $141K (VIDEO)

British police scramble choppers, K9s for men with rakes, didgeridoos


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