WIG 124 - Native American Tribe Buys Colt and Senator Yee Pleads Guilty


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Top Stories:

Native American tribe in California considers buying gun maker Colt

BREAKING: Leland Yee (D-CA) Pleads Guilty to Gun Running Charges

Court ruling on Gay marriage leading to nationwide concealed carry reciprocity?

Meet the next generation of US gun owners

With Knife Murders Spiking After Gun Ban, UK Urges “Save a Life–Surrender Your Knife”

No guns on post office property, says U.S. appeals court

Schumer makes new push for gun control regs in the shadow of recent shooting in Charleston, SC


Today Sawed-Off Shotguns Became Legal in Indiana

Circuit court issues full stay on DC gun carry ruling, speeds up appeals process

Survey finds 1 in 3 american adults who owns a gun is tied to "social gun culture"

Maximum security prison escapee, David Sweat, escaped murderer, shot and captured

Kalashnikov USA’s new american weapons now available


Warning-for-california-hunters lead ammo ban effective July 1st

Gun blogger sues atf over records request

Detroit cook shoots and kills robber at detroit restaurant

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3D Printed 9mm semi-auto! Shuty V2 test fire with mag change


Open carriers arrested after pumping shotgun inside Wal-Mart

Racist white guys ‘looking for a fight’ regret finding black man with CCL

When home intruder got aggressive elderly disabled man told his grandson exactly what he needed to do.

Southern illinois police double shooting was self defense.

74-Year-Old Uber Driver Shoots Passenger After Being Attacked, Just Weeks After Company Bans Firearms On The Job

Cops Bust Jersey City Bloods for Gun Video [NSFW] – A Year Later

Man shoots down neighbor’s hexaopter in rural drone shotgun battle

88-Year-Old Woman Defends Home from Cops Who Went to Wrong House, So She Was Assaulted & Arrested

Wal-Mart Refuses to Make Confederate Flag Cake, No Problem Making ISIS Cake

Buffalo Wild Wings Refuses To Serve Police Officers Carrying Guns…

Eighth grader becomes youngest USA shooting team member


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