WIG 122 - Charleston Shooting


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Top Stories:

BREAKING: Multiple Shooting at Charleston, SC Church

Random Thoughts About Charleston And The Denial Of Evil

Feds open hate crime investigation into church shooting

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Americans Prefer Living in Neighborhoods With Guns

Dallas Gunman Killed After Attack on Police Headquarters


Gun owners more likely to kill than use arms in self defense – study

Open carry, campus carry signed into law in Texas

Top 10 Health Benefits of Going To a Shooting Range

New gun blamed for rise in LA County deputy shootings

Why assault rifle sales are booming

Evolve Rolls Out ‘Clear It, Check It, Lock It’ Safety Campaign

Texas Governor Abbott Goes Shooting After Signing New Pro-Gun Laws

Donald Trump Voices Support for the Second Amendment in Presidential Run Announcement

22 Incredible Facts About The Life and Career Of Sir Christopher Lee

Killing Rommel: A Novel

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Full Auto News Segment (Stories the “real” media won’t talk about… and other crazy stuff)

Record Breaking Reactive Exploding Target – RV Explosion – 400LBS of Tannerite (VIDEO)

2012: Syrian army claimed to have found a cache of 5,000 STG-44 rifles (video)

These plastic guns aren’t toys

Man claims self-defense after shooting elk at RMNP

Man accidentally shoots, kills himself while checking to see if gun was loaded

‘Low-Tech,’ ‘Old-Fashioned’ Way to Make DIY Gunpowder…Using Your Urine

4 Gauge Shotgun – Could You Handle the Recoil? (VIDEO)

Teen killed after using app to track lost smartphone

5 Injured in Accidental Shooting at Waldorf Astoria

Russian Gun Owner Gets a Pass for Waldorf Hotel Negligent Discharge. Why?

ISIS Fighter Films His Own Death On GoPro

Reagan Bigger Badass Than Previously Known

Urban Explorer Finds The Sad Remains Of The Soviet Space Shuttle Program

“He Could Have Called 911.” Dead Armed Robber’s Mom Wants Good Guy Charged For His Death


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