WIG 112 - Obamas Not Giving Up


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Top Stories:

Study shows gun deaths surpass vehicle deaths in 17 states

Obama Says He Hasn't Given Up On Gun Control

Greg Gutfeld: Gun Control Losing Because Americans Refuse to Feel Guilty over Self-Defense

A Solid Majority Of African-Americans Support Gun Ownership

Navy Vet has 28 Guns Confiscated Amid Faulty Allegation Claim

-Second Amendment Foundation Takes Case Of Arizona Navy Vet Whose Guns Were Seized

Ruger buys back $2.8 million of its stock

Remington launching new alloy-framed RM380 for concealed-carry

High profile killings trigger rush to acquire private guns

-Kampala, Uganda (Google Map)

Seize Guns From Angry People -- And Reduce Firearm Violence?

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Full Auto News Segment(Stories the “real” media won’t talk about… and other crazy stuff):

Dan Bilzerian gets serious about gun safety in PSA… sort of (VIDEO)

Hero Concealed Carrier Shoots Carjacker, Saves Woman

Welfare for Gun Owners: Turn In Your “Assault Rifle” for a Tax Break!

TN bill would ban squirt guns within 150 feet of schools

La. man shoots cop after posting plan to make 'bad decisions' online

BREAKING NEWS: Taurus Curve Already Recalled?

Hidden Gun In Church Adds Excitement, Flesh Wound, To Easter Vigil Service


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