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The Greatest Panel Ever:

Josh Cast (Whitey) - Four Guys Guns

Jon Chaos - I’m with Chaos YouTube

Peter Palma - MS Clean Kit


Top Stories:

In Illinois, concealed carry of guns has quiet first year; expansion sought

Judge Unhappy with Remington Recall. Sorry, “Settlement”

The NRA’s Diabolical New Plan for Killing Gun Laws

Pakistan arms teachers in wake of Peshawar school massacre

School FOIA response points to law violation by anti-gun filmmaker

TIME’s AK-47 Anti-Gun Agitprop Exposed!

Herd Immunity Applies to Guns as Well as Vaccinations

Border Patrol agents say gun sharing puts lives at risk


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Full Auto News Segment(Stories the “real” media won’t talk about… and other crazy stuff):

GA Woman Shot 3 Times During Home Invasion Returns Fire and Lives

Soviet Cosmonauts Carried a Shotgun Into Space

'Power Rangers' actor Ricardo Medina Jr. arrested in fatal sword attack

Illinois police officer completes pizza delivery after arresting delivery man

Secret message found in WW2 bullet tells the story of some stupid Nazis

Georgia Man Kills Craigslist Robber, Ends Crime Spree

Store clerk snatches gun from robber who promptly runs away

Neighbors Furious After Man Builds His Own Gun Range in Backyard. The Police? They Say He Isn’t Breaking the Law.

Crazy iPhone rig shows how Chinese workers manipulate App Store rankings

This Map Shows How All 50 States Rank on Gun Ownership – If They Were Nations Around the World


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