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Top Stories:

Lantac Titanium EBCG Prototype Stolen At SHOT Show

Porn stars shooting guns: The big business of sin

Scroll down: Booth Babes of the 2015 SHOT Show!

Ready, Aim, Fire: Choke Point Draws Heat From Gun Industry

Firearms enthusiasts crash gun buyback to hunt bargains

‘Sons of Guns’ Star Is Making ‘Fresh Start’ With New Company — and He Let Us Try Out Their (Fully Automatic) Products

After Attack on Church, Kenyan Pastors Request Guns

‘Moms’ Cause Gun Problems At Harris Teeter

Were gun show attendees in the crosshairs of license-plate readers?

The TSA Found More Than 2,200 Guns in Carry-on Bags Last Year

The Army extends handgun solicitation deadline

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Full Auto News Segment(Stories the “real” media won’t talk about… and other crazy stuff):

Cop Opens Fire With AR-15 While Driving During High Speed Chase [RAW VIDEO]

Just divorced? Blast your wedding dress with a machine gun

Florida Teen Accidentally Shoots Friend’s Penis While Playing With A Gun

Lars Andersen: a new level of archery

17-Year-Old Arrested For Firing Off Emojis At NYPD

A Real-Life Nine-Inch Nail Gun Puts Puny Nerf to Shame

Self Defense Tip: Don’t Talk to Reporters

Motorist finds rifle of Lake County Sheriff's sergeant in street

Robbery suspect shot more than 12 times by woman with 2 guns (VIDEO)

White House Drone Crash Described as a U.S. Worker’s Drunken Lark

Councilman pulls gun when gunman opens fire outside


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