WIG 092 - Black Hawk Candy Drop & Pro Gun Election?


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Top Stories:


Alabama Voters Approve “Strict Scrutiny” Standard for New Gun Control Laws

Lawsuit Filed to Allow Registration of New Machine Guns

Who needs Congress? Washington State passes historic gun control measure by popular vote

Teacher takes plea after gun discharges at school

How a Fisherman Got Charged With Violating a Law Intended to Apply to Businesses Shredding Documents

Arizona guardsmen under investigation for dropping Halloween candy from Black Hawk

Army To Hold New Pistol Competition Next Year

The Bullet That Could Make 3-D Printed Guns Practical Deadly Weapons

New Ammo Designed Specifically for 3D Printed Guns

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Full Auto News Segment(Stories the “real” media won’t talk about… and other crazy stuff):

Two men and a baby rob a D.C. liquor store

Deer with rare vampire-like fangs seen for the first time in 60 years

Photo of the Day: Russian suppressor, garbage bag edition

Russian Action Movie Star Shoots Machine Gun At Ukranians

Cop charged with stealing nude photos from suspect's iPhone

MI Episcopal Church: Ban “Assault Weapons” and “High Capacity” Magazines

Police: Man found shot at gas station tried to rob 74-year-old

Open Carry is Coming to Texas: Abbott to Keep Promise

The Fortress Quick Access Pistol Safe features Alarm-

Unarmed Guy Doesn’t Know What to Do When Another Guy Pulls a Gun, So He Takes an Officer’s Firearm

‘Evil’ mom sentenced for planting gun in child’s backpack then turning him in

Locally made ‘katta’ pistols seized across India

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