WIG 088 - Mom's Demand Attention & Open Carry Walmart


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Top Stories:

Dozens of Armed Protesters March To Walmart Aisle Where Police Shot and Killed African American With Toy

‘Dual Survivor’ co-star disavowed by Special Forces Association

10/22 component maker focuses on compliance after Ruger filed suit

Air Force Veteran and Firearms Expert Convicted of Manufacturing Weapons Speaks Out

REJECTED: Kroger Managers Are Refusing To Accept Bullying Tactics of Moms Demand Action

Moms Demand Action urges murders of open carry gun owners

Historic Gun Range About To Be Shut Down By Leftist Bureaucrats

Bloomberg Group's $1 Million Aimed at Washington State Gun Vote


Another Saint Louis Shooting – “A Sandwich Turned Out To Be A 9mm Ruger Hand Gun” – Suspect Fired 3 Times At Police Officer Before Officer Returned Fire…

Crowd Gathers to Protest After Fatal Shooting Involving St. Louis Police Officer: ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’

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Full Auto News Segment(Stories the “real” media won’t talk about… and other crazy stuff):

Trek’s Trek: Do you even Liberty?

Top Secret Service agent had gun stolen from car

Sick Joke: MSNBC and States United Blame NRA for Ebola Crisis

RISE OF THE MACHINES: MRI Scanner Disarms Officer And Fires His Weapon

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