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Top Stories:

Rifle-Pointing Ferguson Cop Removed From Front Line

Governor Signs Bill Giving Police the Right to Decide Who Can Own Firearms

Ares Armor Wins Round One in Battle With ATF Over 80% Lower Sales Records

Discovery Channel Puts Sons of Guns Season 6 on Hold

At Least 105 People Laid Off At Remington Arms New York Plant, SAFE Act To Blame

New Rock Island Armory Rifle in .22 TCM

Army quits tests after competing rifle outperforms M4A1 carbine

Silly Moms Demand Action Against Guns, Kroger Says….Uh…NO

Full Auto News:

Ridiculousness at school segment:

Husband fatally shoots masked home invader in Algiers: NOPD

CBS Offers a Shockingly Positive Look at Women and Guns: A 'Great American Tradition'

Chris Pratt Seriously Has A '30 Or 40 Gun Arsenal'

Vatican & Catholic Bishops Support of Gun Ban Policies Endanger Innocent

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