WIG 079 - Open Carry Kids & Dartmouth Stalker


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Top Stories:

NRA "Lifestyle Magazine" Is Using Apple And Nike To Sell Its Corporate Sponsors' Guns

Dartmouth College Denies Stalker Victim Right to Armed Self Defense, Perpetuates #waronwomen

Question of the Day: FL Firearm Owners’ Privacy Act. Good Thing or Bad?

A Southern California UPS Delivery Driver is Arrested for Gun Trafficking Violations

Americans for Responsible Solutions: “Jim Brady’s dead. Send us some money!”

ATF Investigates “Sons of Guns” Show & Red Jacket Firearms Over Missing “Insane Machine Gun”

‘My Parents Open Carry’ kid’s book portrays day in the life of ‘typical’ gun nut family

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Grandmothers Launch ‘Women Armed & Ready’ Because They’re ‘Tired of Being Victims’


3 Free Springfield Armory Pistols Magazines

Extra Stories or AfterShow:


Gun Control in Action: Amtrak Safety Video Suggests Throwing Duffel Bag at Gunman for Protection

Doctor Arrested for Open Carry AR at AZ Airport: Official Statement

Man Shot In The Butt By Family Member During Property Line Dispute

The World’s Most Fire Retardant Paper Hat. Sorry! I Meant The World’s Best Hi-Point Semi-Automatic Pistol.

North Korean PK style Belt Fed Machine Gun Found In Zimbabwe

Gun Shaped iPhone Cases

Texas firearms instructor makes ‘classic mistake’ of shooting himself while teaching kids

Man Shoots Himself In The Head After Trying To Take A Selfie With A Gun

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