WIG 077 - Shotgun Silencer & AR-15 Boating Accident


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Correction: 70-Year-Old WWII Foxhole Photos Turn Out to Be a Hoax

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Top Stories:


Remington Scrubs All Traces of R51 from Websites

Obama Administration Bans Import of Izhmash & Kalashnikov (Saiga) Firearms

Obama’s Newest Executive Orders Bans Eight Russian Arms Manufacturers

Beretta to move out of Maryland due to gun-control laws

After a Brutal Home Invasion, An Anti-Gun Couple Changed Their Minds On Firearm Ownership

IL Gov. Quinn Calls for State Mag Cap and “Assault Rifle” Ban

Confessions of a Liberal Gun Lover

Gun Control: Dem Bill Would Outlaw Firearm Brands On Kid’s Clothing And Colorful Guns

AR-15 Found In PA Lake While Fishing

Extra Stories or AfterShow:

Intruders Shoot Their Way Into Apartment and Demand ‘Stuff.’ What Tenant Gives Them Leaves One Crook Dead, the Other in Critical Condition.

Iowa deputy accidentally fires gun into car after driver suffers medical emergency

Border Patrol Agent Pulls Gun on Boy Scout after Detaining them for Photography

Rev. Jesse Jackson Blames Pres. Obama for Chicago “Gun Violence”

Burlington, IA City Council Wants to Ban Open Carry of Toy Guns

Missouri Law That Would Allow Teachers To Carry Guns Gets Vetoed


Missile among hoard of 40 firearms found at house in Dukinfield

Moms With Guns Founder Posts Obama Picture on Facebook Asking ‘Where is Assassin When You Need One’

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