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Top Stories:

HK VP9 – The Newest Striker Fired Pistol

Weapons Technology Firm Uses Google Glass To Allow Shooters To Aim, Fire Around Corners

Kahr breaks ground in Pennsylvania, marching out of New York

Nearly 300,000 Californians vote for gun smuggling candidate

The Coming Crash in Ammunition Prices

VICTORY: House Votes to Defund Eric Holder’s Anti-Gun Program

NRA Apologizes For Calling Open Carry Protests "Downright Weird," Says Statement Was "A Mistake"

California Democrats bring ‘Pause for Safety’ gun-control bill to U.S. Congress

It’s Time to Think Big or Shut Up on Gun Control

Gun Shop’s Insurance Was Non-Renewed For A Very Disturbing Reason

Homeowner stabbed in neck during home invasion fends off, shoots armed robber (VIDEO)

ANOTHER Jack in the Box in Texas Robbed at Gunpoint After Chain Says No to Guns

New Illinois Bank Not Only Lets Tellers Carry Guns, It Uses Signs to Announce It!

Clerk Beats Robber Armed With Toy Gun: Police

Extra Stories or AfterShow:

Man in gorilla suit shot with tranquilizer dart at Tenerife zoo

Police called to filming of 24 after local residents report hearing gun battle

Man tries to buy handgun with fake cop ID, officials say

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