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Top Stories:

The SIG SAUER  X-Five series of handguns are now being sold in the US


Ares Armor back in the 80 percent polymer lower business

Magpul drops prices on MOE furniture, throws grip in for free

Emanuel’s plan for gun shops: Limit sites, videotape sales

Santa Barbara Massacre Defies Gun Control, Mental Health Proposals: 4 Blunt Points

CNN poll: Majority rejecting calls for new gun laws after Isla Vista

Gun owner gets last laugh for illegal arrest

Teenage Robber Tries to Kill Store Clerk With Sawed off .22 Rifle, but Clerk Returns Fire

Private Buyers Do Well at Milwaukee ‘Buy Gun Back’

Home Invasion Crew Shot To Pieces In Fresno

Man Might Have Successfully Robbed Restaurant, But Employees Noticed a Key Detail About His Gun

Extra Stories or AfterShow:

BREAKING: Elvis estate drops civil suit against Beretta


Old Barn vs 164 lbs of Tannerite

WarFairy’s 3D Printable AR-15 Bullpup

Some of the most unforgettable cops in TV history

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