WIG 070 - ProGun Chief, Open Machine Guns & Remington's Move


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Top Stories:

The ATF May Have Accidentally Thrown Open the Machine Gun Registry

ProGun Detroit Police Chief James Craig featured on NRA magazine cover


Remington Moving Bushmaster AR-15 Production from New York to Alabama

Gang Bangers Painting Orange Tips on Real Guns

Man Behind Guns & Ammo Mag, Sportsman Channel is Democrat Fundraiser

‘They Brandished Shields’ and Pointed Rifles ‘Directly at Innocent Citizens’ — and That Was Just the Start: Lawsuit Details Shock Case of Alleged Fourth Amendment Violation

72-year-old security guard fights off, shoots shoplifter stealing groceries

“Salute To Service” with Memorial Day Marathon Tribute

Extra Stories or AfterShow:

Alaska man shoots himself in head, treats with Neosporin

Crooks targeting Mississippi Wildlife Officers’ vehicles for guns

The Sign Is Clear: ‘No Weapons, No Concealed Firearms’ — Why Didn’t These Three Thugs Obey Gun-Free Zone?

The man behind NJ's Supreme Court gun case: Mark Di Ionno

Father of teen 'planning Columbine-style massacre and caught with six bombs, seven firearms and 400 rounds of ammunition' says son had 'dark thoughts about the Bible' and was allowed to keep deer-hunting guns in his bedroom

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