WIG 049 - Glock 41 Leaked, Plastic Ammo & Caracal Rifles


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Mike: Firearms Insider

Aaron: Is a wizard and a member of the Crips

Steve: FRN Sr. Dynamic Optimization Developer

Jon Chaos: http://www.youtube.com/user/chaos311clarity

Adam Pini: LWRC - Territory Reps

Main Stories:

Glock 41 is .45 ACP, 13 Rounds, MRSP is $775, CONFIRMED

Is This 100% 3D Printed Pistol the First GLOCK 7?

PCP Ammo Now Beta Testing Polymer Cased Ammunition

Caracal Expands Firearms Line

Gun Review: Cobra CA380 – The Cheapest Handgun in America!

Gun Patents Set 35-Year Record as Limits on Sales Fail

Remington lands $47 million contract with the Armed Forces of the Philippines

More Stunning Gun Buyback Hypocrisy in Oakland

NYC reported to be sending out ‘Surrender your guns’ letters

Map: Shootings in NYC Compared to Median Income

Police Sgt. Steven Means got some unexpected help when dispatched to a trailer park to face a gunman.

House Extends Undetectable Firearms Act

Home Invader Gets Shot and Killed With His Own Gun After He Tries to Execute Resident

Question of the Day: Is Camo the new Zombie Craze?


Man wears Duck Dynasty disguise during armed bank robbery

Han Solo’s DL-44 Star Wars blaster set to auction for $200,000

The TSA Found A Stun Gun Disguised As An Old Cellphone

Need a jump-start? Don’t have cables? AKs to the rescue!

Researchers find lost World War II Japanese mega-submarine off Hawaii coast

Amazon Unveils Flying Delivery Drones on '60 Minutes'

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