WIG 043 - Instagram Gun Sales, Pistol Shotguns & Negligent Police


Commentary on the latest firearms industry news, information and buzz. Brought to you by the Firearms Radio Network.  I’m your host Jake Challand from Gun Guy Radio.

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John Chaos - Youtube star and huge fan of the We like shooting podcast

Aaron Krieger - We Like Shooting Cylon

Main Topics:

Chino, CA Police Officer [Not Shown] Injures Three in Grade School Negligent Discharge

MILLER: D.C. businessman faces two years in jail for unregistered ammunition, brass casing

Democratic Senators Oppose U.N. Arms Trade Treaty

Armed Robber Regretfully Discovers That Delivery Driver Was Carrying More Than Just Pizza – He Also Didn’t Realize It Would Be His Last Crime

NFOA Wins Case Against Nebraska Over Concealed Handgun Permit Discrimination

Open Carry on the March

The Unlikely First Lady to Have a Pistol License and Why She Decided to Carry

Heizer Defense PS1 “Pocket Shotgun”

La. police arrest 4 after 63 AR-15s stolen

Instagram Becoming Hot New Marketplace for Unrestricted Gun Sales

Warning: Fake Magpul MBUS Pro Sights From China

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