WIG 042 - Could have been worse California & Pantless Airsoft


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Main Topics:

NSSF: Average AR-15 Price Down $25 Since 2010

ATF Stops Processing ALL NFA Paperwork

California - Brown Vetoes Some And Signs Some

Hickenlooper to MAIG: Stay the Hell Out of Colorado, Mkay?

South Carolina gains traction with gun manufactures, new Ithaca plant inbound

Wisconsin Carry Important Update! Good News!

NRA pushes back against Illinois proposal to increase gun penalties

Hodgdon CFE Pistol Powder

Ruger SR-762 Autoloading Rifle Debut

Illinois Carry Update:

Joseph from Promise Land Firearms

The for sure answer is no. Everyone has to take 8 hrs which covers details of the law and the shooting requirements. As far as " adding previous training together" there is no explanation. We sare offering a discount price but requiring that they attend the 16 hr class unless the have documentation of the 8 hr credit. This includes military DD 214. Some instructors aren't accepting any previous training allowance due to liability. The problem with the 4 hr credits is you don't know what was taught and what wasn't.  So what part of the required training can someone miss? The ISP is working on allowing the instructor to determine the "skill level" of an applicant and making adjustments in the shooting requirements. Such as have an avid shooter who regularly competes, this individual may only need to shoot all 30 rds at the 10yd line instead of wasting time doing 3 stages.


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