WIG 031 - No Love for 40S&W, Carry Permits Surge & Montana Says No to Bloomberg


Zeke, Greg and Jake talk about the latest firearms related news stories as well as Mark Wahlberg's new Lone Survivor Movie.

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Is the Gun and Ammo Shortage Over?

Armalite Sold To SAC (Strategic Armory Corps)

Mayor Bloomberg’s Gun Control Doesn’t Play Well in Montana

In Newtown, Gun Permits Surge After Shooting

Marines Starting New Pistol Qualification Program Focused on Combat Shooting

Sioux Falls PD Falls Out of Love with .40 Cal

Crowdfunding & Shooting Ranges: Odd Couple or Perfect Match?

‘Lone Survivor’ Trailer

Listener Feedback: Jake, I thought you could use some good fodder for the TWIG show.  It's a positive note on some legislation Missouri recently passed.

Missouri senate bill 75


    -allows teachers/administrators to get training to protect against school intruder situations

    -allows schools to teach the NRA Eddie Eagle safety program to 1st graders. (after watching some of the Eddie Eagle content, i'm not sure how effective it is.  It's fairly cheesy.)

    -the sheriff of each county will issue CCW permits

        -this prevents the Mo. Dept. of Revenue from sending CCW and privacy information to Atlanta-based Morpho Trust, a corporation with federal connections which had previously been managing the CCW permit. Releasing that personal CCW information to outside parties (including specifically the federal government, against REAL Id implementation) has always been a misdemeanor, and to this date, nobody has been prosecuted for it.

    -arms ownership records are sealed, placing a class A misdemeanor on an offense

    -biometric data will not be collected (minus fingerprints)

Pick of week:


Greg: Thompson Machine KFO

Thompson Machine KFO

Jake: Apex Square Shooter Comp