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Spencer- Smyrna GA: I’ve been listening to you guys since Zack loaned me a couple of Caracal mags at last year's MAG40 and mentioned ‘his crappy little podcast’. You guys have done amazing things in the last 8 months or so.

I just caught up with all the This Week in Guns episodes, and wanted to comment on the discussion you had in #23, around SB 755 in California, the bill that would put you on the prohibited list for a DUI.

You guys seemed to see how wrong this bill was, but couldn’t seem to express why, so I just wanted to send you my take on it.

The PRIVILEGE to drive can be removed at any time, for any reason including impaired driving. This is big business in most states, and they make a ton of money doing so.

But here we are talking about removing someone's constitutional rights, for a misdemeanor crime, and an arbitrary one at that. The legal limit used to be .10 back when I was in college, then it was lowered to .08 across the board, and now they are saying that it should be .04.

Remind you of anything else they are trying to arbitrarily limit?

Anyways, this is a perfect case for the ‘slippery slope’ test. You have to ask, even if you agreed with this in principle, what would be next... failure to pay child support? Tax evasion? Parking tickets?

Eventually you will get to the point where every crime, no matter how small, will cost you your Second Amendment rights.

What’s really messed up is that if you have a DUI under this bill, you will eventually get your license back (the privilege) but not your firearms rights (the right).

Anyway, that’s my take on it.

Also, a question for Zack. When is the carbine going to be available in 357 Sig? I know you said out in Utah that you had messed around with a prototype... so what’s the holdup? Get cracking!

Keep up the great job you are doing for all your shows,