WIG 023 - Carry, Law, and a Pop Tart?


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Microphone, Not Gun, Prompts Lockdown

Cowboy-style cap gun gets 5-year-old suspended from school in Calvert County

Maryland boy suspended for gun-shaped pastry is now lifetime NRA member

North Carolina to Become 35th State to Enact Families Afield Legislation

Law Creates Hunting Heritage Apprentice Permit

NEWTOWN, Conn. -- North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory is expected to sign legislation passed by the state's House of Representatives yesterday that will allow new hunters to go afield under the guidance of a licensed adult mentor before taking a hunter education course. Upon the bill's signing, North Carolina will become the 35th state to enact Families Afield legislation.

The law will establish a Hunting Heritage Apprentice Permit that is available to persons of all ages, making it possible for youth or adult newcomers to try hunting if accompanied by a licensed adult hunter or a license-exempt landowner.

While Families Afield was designed to encourage youth to try hunting, an unexpected benefit of the program is that it has created both an interest and a pathway for adults to experience hunting before committing to the comprehensive hunter education course.

Families Afield-style legislation has led to more than 1 million apprentice hunting licenses being purchased nationally since the program's inception in 2004.

"Mentored hunting is safe and, as so many have discovered, a great way to experience your first hunt," said NSSF Director of Recruitment and Retention Melissa Schilling. "By passing this Families Afield bill, North Carolina is doing its part to help protect the tradition of hunting."

The Families Afield program was established by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance and National Wild Turkey Federation to bring a new generation of sportsmen and women to the field. The coalition also receives assistance from the National Rifle Association and Congressional Sportsmen's Foundation.

Families Afield legislation seeks to lower age barriers to hunting and create new opportunities to hunt, thereby making it easier to pass on hunting's heritage. Program research shows that many apprentice youth and adults go on to take hunter education.

Both chambers of the North Carolina legislature passed their own version of identical bills back in April, and it was left to the House to approve the Senate's version, which it did today, before sending it to the governor's desk to sign.

Learn more about Families Afield at www.familiesafield.org.

UK Poll Finds Brits Want to Repeal Gun Ban

HB 1346, Kotowski's standard capacity magazine ban fails 28-31. The good Senator was nearly in hysterics. "Screw the gun industry and lobbyists."

Carry Bill passed House and Senate

$150 app fee 5 year then another $150 when you renew  $300 Non-res

Must already have a FOID - last I heard state was backed up to the tune of 70,000 apps

16 hours of training

30 rounds of live fire (haha)

8 hours of previous training may or may not be eligible...

There is an appeal process for the denial or revocation of a carry license...

180 days before apps are available

Carry Bill HB 0183 - Off to the Governor's desk

Anti-Gun Legislation with Severe Ramifications Continues to Move in Sacramento


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