WIG 016 - Reloadable Magazines?


Welcome to This Week In Guns, the podcast that covers the latest firearms industry news, information and buzz.  Brought to you by the Firearms Radio Network.  I’m your host Jake Challand from Gun Guy Radio, Steve the Law enforcement officer from Texas and Greg Bakken the oppressed California Gun Owner.  Paul Markel author of “Student of the Gun; A beginner once, a student for life.”

NRA-backed task force pushes to arm teachers, school staff

Conn. proposals on guns, other items after Newtown

N.Y. Dad’s Pistol License Suspended Over Something His 10-Year-Old Son Said — and It Could Be 8 Years Before He Gets It Back

Phoenix police: Man left ammunition on school bus

CO Democrat Doesn't Understand High-Capacity Magazines Can Be Reloaded

Rep. Diana DeGette Mocks Concerned Senior at Gun Rights Forum   DeGette tell’s Senior, “You’ll probably be dead anyway.”

Despite gun-control push, more states have cut back on gun regulations since Newtown

Free Gun Program Plans To Expand To North Texas

BROWNELLS  Personal Protection & Home Defense Catalog #1

Pick of week:

Steve: Glass Assault Tool (GAT) GAT - Glass Assault Tool

Paul: Aimpoint PRO

Jake: Bullseye Camera Systems Kit

Greg:Super Comp


Kyle: Regarding your discussion on drive-thru alcohol/ammo locations on the hunting at Walmart episode, down here in South Texas we've got a pharmacy that also sells guns/ammo and has a range right across the street. We can infact get our ammo/beer at the drive-thru along with our prescriptions and and pretty decent BBQ plate as well. The billboards aroundurtq the city read \"-______Pharmacy-Drugs and Drugs\"...I love being free

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